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  1. R

    STOL Inspired Composite Ultralight

    Hiya homebuilt, long time listener, second time caller here! The first time I came around here asking about help with the design of a pie-in-the-sky electric canard for a bachelors final project. We were able to laminate a partial canard spar and do a bunch of hotwire cutting after spending a...
  2. N

    Christavia wing flaps

    I have purchased a christavia frame and wings . It is the MK 1 I would like to put flaps on it . Has anyone built flaps on a MK1 I know the Mk 4 had them but that is a hole different plane. Also has anyone enlarged the rudder for better control on floats?
  3. michael Hille

    Hi I have recently completed my scratch built Zenith 750 Cruzer with custom 160hp Subaru

    Hi I have just finished my scratch built 750 and having a blast flying it. This is my second scratch built aircraft with custom engine installation. Performance is awesome, Here is a link to the video of short field takeoff from the beach.