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  1. V

    Easy CAD software for modest requirements: Fusion 360? Other?

    I'm trying (again) to move into the 21st century and learn a CAD program. Objectives: 1) Turn an aircraft idea, with dimensions, into an external 2D sketch and eventually a 3D rendering. 2) Lay out an internal 4130 tube-frame or aluminum bulkhead-and-longeron fuselage structure for the...
  2. Woodenwings

    Light Touring Amphibian - LTA-9

    I have been thrashing away for over 10yrs (on-and-off) on my own design. It uses the LSA amphibian specifications as a guide but will be made as an amateur-built (experimental) to allow me more artistic licence. Aircraft Mission: Just for me....not a commercial venture...unless someone buys...
  3. b7gwap

    Ideas for joining UL tube ladder wing spars at splices.

    I'm drawing up a fat guy Sandlin glider in SW. This will be what I call the "BUG 5" as it is a derivative of the BUG4. Sandlin's drawings call out the main spar tubes as having a splice at the outer flying wire location (1 inch OUTBD of that location to be exact.) He carries the bending and...