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  1. S

    Pegasus flying car/helicopter at CES 2020

    Didnt see this mentioned on HBA yet!! prototype video: CAD Rendering: Display at CES2020:
  2. qartveli

    Lizi single seat fiberglass experimental aircraft

    Hi to all members and visitors this is our first aircraft which was designed and built from the scratch paper Tech. Specifications Lenght-4,9m Wing span-7m Wing area-7msq Dry Weight-255kg (should be 180kg) Engine-Hirth F23E (dual ignition with injection)...
  3. J


    This 1950's design plans built Druine Turbulent D-31 is being offered for sale by the Western North Carolina Air Museum for $5.000.00 The plane comes with 2 VW engines; one that was on the plane and another that is disassembled with many of it's part still in plastic bags from the...
  4. T

    Acrolite 1B

    I'm new to this site and don't mesh with the software yet. I did want to ask a question though and hopefully this is the right forum. Is anyone out there in homebuilt land building an Acrolite 1B or know o anyone who is? I have started one and am making steady progress but I would sure like...
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