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  1. Pushparaj

    Hello from India

    I am Pushparaj Ameen from India. A hardcore RC enthusiast. I have over 16 years of experience in building & teaching Remote controlled Airplane & Boats. The dream of developing manned plane is reckoned from a simple radio controlled background. Recently I have designed & developed a Single...
  2. recmob

    For Sale: 2017 Searey LSX, Rotax 914. Reduced $98k OBO

    Brokering for the owner: 170 Hrs TTAE This kit started as a Classic Searey, purchased from a Searey dealer still in the crate. The new owner has converted the aircraft to the LSX during the construction. This is not a rebuild! Empty Weight is 990 Lbs, Gross Weight set at 1510 Lbs. ALL...
  3. michael Hille

    Awesome morning in the Searay getting some action shots with the 360 camera

    Testing the insta 360 one x in a mates Searay . I love this camera and Aircraft
  4. recmob

    FlareAssist Radar Altimeter for Glassy Water Landings

    Development of this product started 5 yrs ago, originally using UltraSonic technology to assist pilots in landing on glassy water. Though it worked quite well, there were a couple of bugs that couldn't be filtered out through the software, and the use of UltraSonic technology was abandoned...
  5. S

    USA FAR 103 Seaplane Riddle ?

    I dont think very many have ever figured out just what a jewel the FAA gave the USA in that they took the regular 254 pound weight limit and 25 pound parachute allowance and added a 30 pound allowance for a hull and two 10 pound allowances for sponsons. Specifically there are some pusher...
  6. M

    looking for as much info,tips,links,forums,groups as I can find about 1991 SEAHAWKER

    hELLO,i AM FAIRLY NEW TO HERE.iVE POSTED ONCE BEFORE about Wing in ground effect craft,W.I.G.s.. and am still interested in as much as anyone would like to discuss on the subject of them and the very different design that i have developed and am building now...BUT FIRST THINGS...
  7. Heroben


    Hello all of you out there! This is the design and build log of one of the most desired fictional airplanes in the world. We will start with a quick approach on the historic side of this bird, moving thru the related planes.( real ones like C.A.M.S 36, Savoia Marchetti S.21, Macchi M33 and...
  8. S

    Meiya Air Headquartered in Sanya & Seaplane Delivery and order Signing Ceremony

    On March 26th, Meiya Air headquartered in Sanya & seaplane delivery and order signing ceremony mainly organized by Sanya Municipal People’s Government and CAAC Central and Southern Regional Administration, assisted by Meiya Air Co., Ltd. was held in Sanya. Vice Mayor of Sanya Zhou Gaoming...
  9. Meyaht

    Open cockpit, seaplane, biplane, tandem dream.

    Does this have to remain always a dream for me or are there some kind of plans out there that would hit all these criteria? Basically I've always wanted a plane like the one in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I just want something with an open cockpit that's easy to fly nice and slow that...
  10. parkert51

    wing design

    Hey guys, I am preparing to build a 2 place amphibian with an inverted gull wing design. This will be a folding wing and my interest here will be folding mechanisms as well as locking mechanisms. First my idea for folding, I am considering a double acting pneumatic cylinder with a small...