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  1. rv6ejguy

    SDS Aero CNC'd Parts

    I created a new web page consolidating most of the photos and links related to our CNC'd parts to get most of it in one place and reduce the size of some of our other pages to allow people to better find the information they want. Things slowly get out of control over time as we add new parts...
  2. rv6ejguy

    SDS No More Leak Induction Tube Solution For Lycomings

    These use a COTS silicone O-ring to seal the tube flange against the head, eliminating the flat gaskets which have been known to leak and cause grief on occasion. Like our SDS valve covers, these billet flanges tighten down flat with even, metal to metal contact so there is no more flange...
  3. rv6ejguy

    SDS Aero Billet Valve Covers For Angle Valve Lycomings

    We're about to start testing our CNC'd billet valve covers for angle valve engines this week. These will feature a new gasket and fastener package for better long term sealing. As with our parallel valve covers, customers will be able to choose from several different anodized colors and custom...