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  1. whizzywhizzer

    BF109 G4 scratch build 1/1 scale

  2. whizzywhizzer

    ME109 build

    here's some progress pics =D
  3. halfscalemustang

    Have you seen this plane?

    Has anybody seen this plane in action? Its a 50% scale replica of a P-51 Mustang, it attended oshkosh in 2001. I recently purchased it and have little to no back ground on it. Its tail number is as follows N151JV and was built by a small group of people with a fellow named James (Jim)...
  4. halfscalemustang

    Astec Jaguar V-12

    Hello, about a three years ago i found a jag v-12 in an old machine shop and after years of asking i was finally able to purchase it. When i went to pick it up the seller had to ask, "what in the world do you want with this thing?" I replied "P-51 Mustang project". I have since caught alot of...