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  1. Marc Zeitlin

    Pristine Long-EZ for Sale

    If anyone is interested in purchasing a VERY nice Long-EZ, you can review the advertisement on Barnstormers at: and can review many more pics and all documentation at...
  2. R

    Used Cuyuna 215 Engine

    Used 215cc horizontal shaft Cuyuna aircraft engine manufactured by 2si. Only needs oil and gas and will start out of the box. The engine has a K&N air filter installed on it and a Bing carburetor. Schematics included. $600 + shipping to be arranged Located near Butte, MT email...
  3. A

    AEROPUP 2 seat LSA Kit

    Hi all Please let me show you our AEROPUP It is sold @19500 USD (FOB AUSTRALIA) and it accomodates Rotax, Continental...etc This is a great airplane designed to be safe and easy with a great reputation inside Australia. If you are thinking on starting a new project please ask me first. Either...
  4. A


    Hi all When I was a child in Spain, only people with lots of money were able to fly safely in a closed cockpit. This was not only not fair but also disappointing With the new LSA rules I´m willing to turn this around. To do so, first I needed a safe and easy-flying aircraft, easy task. Secondly...
  5. F

    Collins radio equipment

    Hi everyone I got a stack of Collins aviation radio equipment as shown on the pictures. I can give a more detailed list upon request. Are there people interested in this? Or if you know where I can advertise for this, let me know please. Thank you
  6. Harley

    Ultralight Trike Questions

    Ultralight Trike Questions Hello all!:ban: So after being Inspired by the internet video “Surfing the Clouds" I have decided that my first endeavor into flying will be in a weight-shifting trike. Now...... the questions once again arise......Any help would be great! 1. I live in Burlington...
  7. nysaircraft


    Brand New RV-12 built by Nys Aircraft, Inc. is available for purchase. Own your own, brand new plane in less than a month. Please check out our website to see our work. Feel free to email or call with any questions you may have. :) :)