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  1. Marc Zeitlin

    For Sale Pristine Long-EZ for Sale

    If anyone is interested in purchasing a VERY nice Long-EZ, you can review the advertisement on Barnstormers at: and can review many more pics and all documentation at...
  2. R

    For Sale Used Cuyuna 215 Engine

    Used 215cc horizontal shaft Cuyuna aircraft engine manufactured by 2si. Only needs oil and gas and will start out of the box. The engine has a K&N air filter installed on it and a Bing carburetor. Schematics included. $600 + shipping to be arranged Located near Butte, MT email...
  3. A

    For Sale AEROPUP 2 seat LSA Kit

    Hi all Please let me show you our AEROPUP It is sold @19500 USD (FOB AUSTRALIA) and it accomodates Rotax, Continental...etc This is a great airplane designed to be safe and easy with a great reputation inside Australia. If you are thinking on starting a new project please ask me first. Either...
  4. A


    Hi all When I was a child in Spain, only people with lots of money were able to fly safely in a closed cockpit. This was not only not fair but also disappointing With the new LSA rules I´m willing to turn this around. To do so, first I needed a safe and easy-flying aircraft, easy task. Secondly...
  5. F

    For Sale Collins radio equipment

    Hi everyone I got a stack of Collins aviation radio equipment as shown on the pictures. I can give a more detailed list upon request. Are there people interested in this? Or if you know where I can advertise for this, let me know please. Thank you
  6. Harley

    Ultralight Trike Questions

    Ultralight Trike Questions Hello all!:ban: So after being Inspired by the internet video “Surfing the Clouds" I have decided that my first endeavor into flying will be in a weight-shifting trike. Now...... the questions once again arise......Any help would be great! 1. I live in Burlington...
  7. nysaircraft

    For Sale BRAND NEW VANS RV-12

    Brand New RV-12 built by Nys Aircraft, Inc. is available for purchase. Own your own, brand new plane in less than a month. Please check out our website to see our work. Feel free to email or call with any questions you may have. :) :)