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    FES actual thrust for self lunch

    Hi We see many glider with the FES ( front electric sustainer) The low weight one, like the Silent and Lak can take off with the fes system over their 20kw/22kw engine. But what is the actual thrust that this give ? The 1meter prop is quite small. Anyone have data of a glider running the FEs...
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    For Sale Tempest ultralight sailplane Moyes

    I sell my Moyes Tempest ultralight sailplane The airplane includes a pneumatic parachute and had previously installed a Snap100 engine, which is also included in this sale. I sell it as is, this means it has a bent left wing spar and some tear in the cloth because while it was stored a heavy...
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    Holy Cow! Giant Model Airplanes

    Example of what size my models in the 50-60's look like, and this was an average large model follow by the 21 century models: Duh, I thought a model airplane was usually sized to fit in a car and that went for gliders too. Since I don't have access to a wind tunnel, I plan on constructing a...
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    How to build a better Swift?

    Hi all, Thank you for reading my post. I will start with a little about me. I have been flying one form or another aircraft for 35 years. Everything from a Huey to a hang glider plus tons of R/C planes. Yes I got the bug early as a boy. I am an engineer but NOT an mechanical or aerodynamic...