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  1. M

    Aircraft RAMS Analysis books!

    I am interested in acquiring in-depth the Reliability, availability, maintainability and safety analysis and I am seeking a good book corcerning this topic. I wish to buy a book which examines particularly how to carry out this type of analysis in the aircraft world. I would take into accout...
  2. J

    My Safety Concerns About Bubble Canopies

    Hi everybody, My boys and I are finally at a place where we can start a build, and this topic has been on my mind. We've been looking at Zenith 650s for a long time, and also like the Sling 2, Sonex and the RV-12. Problem is, they're ALL bubble canopy planes, and I just can't get comfortable...
  3. jamesbdunn

    Sportsman STOL Kit Features for Homebuilt Wings

    The dominant cause for fatalities in kit planes I've reviewed, is low & slow while: making turns, abrupt control movements, high engine power, wind gusting or wind drop-out near stall speed. For conventional gear / tail...
  4. H

    All moving ailerons flight report

    Interesting excerpt from a flight report by Harald Penrose "Stalled Behaviour with the original big controllers was outstanding, the machine sinking steeply but in almost level attitude under full lateral and longitudinal control and with no tendency to spin. Small preformance loss , large...
  5. J

    Safest most reliable way to operate a 2 stroke?

    Hi All, I've been reading a few threads here about two stroke reliability, and have heard different views on their operation, maintenance, safety, reliability, etc. And although the two aircraft I'm looking at have FWF kits for the 912, they also offer them for the Rotax 582, Simonini Victor...
  6. Head in the clouds

    There I was...when Suddenly!

    In another thread a friend asked me to elaborate on a rather ‘interesting’ first solo that I had when learning soaring and while thinking of writing that up it occurred to me that we all have incidents from time to time and it is the lessons learned from them that make us into better and safer...