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  1. Y

    For Sale Rotax 503 DCDI – New in Box!!! With Everything

    Rotax503 w/ Dual Bing 54 Carbs, C-Gearbox (3.41:1), Oil Injected, Fischer Exhaust,Throttle Cables and Control Boxes (2). Purchased in February 2005, it has been stored in my home (Bedroom, closet, even in the living room at times) and never turned over. Money is tight and it’s time to part out...
  2. O

    Trade Trade a Rotax 532 w/ 2.58:1 b box for a 4a084

    I have a 532 rotax motor w/ a 2.58:1 B box, dual Mikuni Super BN carbs, and a tuned exhaust package that I would like to trade for a 4ao84 motor for my son's mini airboat. Is anyone interested? I live in Cedar Key, Fl.
  3. K

    For Sale 70" Variable-Pitch IVOPROP Propeller

    Black. Left-Hand Turning "Pusher" Variable-Pitch Magnum Propeller. 70" IVOPROP. Retail $1050.00. Asking $450.00. Call for more information: Kevin L. King, Owner - located Anaheim, CA USA • Telephone: 714-863-5600 . 714-981-6403 . 714-630-5171
  4. D

    For Sale Rotax 582UL DCDI Mod 99 LC FWF Power Package - VERY LOW HOURS!

  5. parkert51

    For Sale 503 Rotax, props exc...

    503 rotax DCDI, Dual Carb, Oil Injection, Gearbox Rope start, 92 hours showing $1,200.00 OBO 58" Competition Prop, Ground Adjustable, Best Offer BRAND NEW! Tennessee Wood Prop, 66 x 34, left rotation, gearbox tractor or belt drive pusher BEST OFFER! Tennessee Wood Prop, 66x34 RHR, Small...
  6. Turbo_Boss

    Rotax 582 Quit in the air :-(

    Hello Guys, This Almost new Rotax 582 Blue Head with only 100 hrs in a Quicksilver decide to quit in the air. Emergency landing was ok with no damage to the Quicksilver neither to the pilot. The engine was working perfect and sudenly the RPM beguin to drop until it stop completely :( We...
  7. Dana

    The return of the Rotax 277... or did it ever go away?

    It's still (or again) used in snowmobiles, at least... -Dana Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.