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  1. GyroGerald

    Bensen Days Gyroplane Event

  2. J

    Rotax 912 Performance upgrades (Turbo, Big Bore, Etc)

    I have a Zenith 601XL-B that's getting close to needing an engine, and since I'm out west in Southern California with family in CO, I'm thinking I need something with some high altitude performance and reliability behind it since I'll be flying over mountains - and of course I'm on a budget...
  3. rv6ejguy

    New SDS EFI Parts for Rotax 912s

    We've just completed machining some parts for our new Rotax EFI kits. Hope to start test fitting these to an engine next month.
  4. djmcfall

    Rotax Gray Head

    Removed from a Kitfox for a 912 upgrade. Been stored on the airplane in a hangar. 30 hours TT since new. Includes electric start, oil injection and radiator. $2988, picked up in Idaho or will ship for actual cost.
  5. BrianW

    Rotax Hard Starting.

    Rotax Hard Starting. NGK resistor plug caps are used on many Rotax engines. Model LB05EZ is sold as a 5k ohm ( = 5000 ohms) spark plug resistor cap. Older plug caps may go high resistance or open circuit. This makes for hard starting, and may overstress the ignition coil etc. A cheap meter...
  6. L

    Rotax 912 Turbo Conversion by Vz POWER 120hp

    Let me introduce you our Rotax 912 Turbo Conversion offering: we deliver a ready to bolt on 120hp turbocharged engine, simple, light, powerfull, responsive, and... quite affordable (compared to the Rotax 914). We also deliver the turbo kit alone. I will not make the post too long, as all...
  7. T

    Rotax 503 w/ 2.58 gearbox for sale

    I have for sale a SCSI Rotax 503 with 2.58 (A) gearbox for sale, I bought it with no logs so the hours are unknown, it runs perfectly. comes with exhaust and Bing carb. $850.00 I bought this engine intending on using it on my Parasol experimental, I have since decided to use a Generac. I...
  8. Armilite

    Have you ever had an Ultralight/Kitplane Gear Drive Fail?

    Have you ever had an Ultralight/Kitplane Gear Drive Fail? What happened?
  9. S

    Need an Engine? I'm on a mission...

    I hope this isn't the wrong place for this. I'm trying to help my best friend's widow, we lost him about a month ago. He had a collection of engines and she will need to move from the senior community they lived in soon. He was building an ultra light plane for years and I worked with him...
  10. C

    rpm random drop

    I am having some rpm dropping randomly and only for a few seconds. Fuel pressure is not going down when happening. I have changed and revised all the fuel lines and distribution in according with rotax. When happening I am switching off every electric devices and the ignitions to identify the...
  11. Armilite

    Does any one have a R&D 503UL RD-1 Tuned Pipe that makes 62.3hp at 6500rpms?

    Does any one have a R&D 503UL RD-1 Tuned Pipe that makes 62.3hp at 6500rpms? Can you take some measurements, or is it for Sale? I'm only interested in the RD-1 pipe, they made 3 other 503 pipes. RPM BRAKE FUEL FLOW/HR B.S.F.C. CORR.HP CORE TORQUE 3500 23.2 21 15.5 1.36 15.7...
  12. W

    Two rotax 277 Engines with gearboxes

    I've switched to a different engine and have two Rotax 277 free-air engines with gearboxes as surplus. The "primary" engine includes a carb and a Rotax exhaust. The "spare" engine is a bare block with gearbox. Both have recoil starters. The engines were rebored by Rainier Ultralight Engines and...
  13. M

    Hi - Max With Rotax 377 Restoring and Painting, $4 K to $5 k

    Hi all I'm Mike..... I'm working on a 1987 Hi - Max Its in good shape now but, were are going to repaint and put new tires on it an go through the controls. It has about 52 hrs on hour meter in cockpit. Not sure if accurate yet. It powered by a rotax 377. and has a wood prop. Tested the...
  14. H

    For Sale 503 rotax with ebox for sale

    I have a 50 HP 503 Rotax with Ebox for sale with 196 hrs since rebuild with new crank and rods,489 hrs TTSN,Exhaust and Dual Carbs,Throttle Cable and Fuel Pump.This engine was removed from my Flightstar for a upgrade to a 582.runs very good and strong,Electric Starter as well as pull...
  15. ve3xox

    Rotax 582 wet fouling

    Bought a murphy renegade with an inverted 582 in it a few weeks ago. Uses pre-mix fuel and oil. Starting has been a problem. Plugs wet foul and have to be removed and cleaned. Started yesterday first thing and run it for 10 minutes and shut down. Went to restart and plugs fouled again. HAve...
  16. Armilite

    Rotax 277 CDI Upgrade Options???

    Building a Big Bore 277UL from parts off ebay, etc. Got a 277UL Type Case, Crank & Rod, Cylinder, and dual plug motorcycle head to start. I was told it had Bosch Points Ignition. I want a CDI Ignition. What's my options? I had a stator plate setup off I think a late 80s, early 90s 583/617 that...
  17. cavelamb

    Subaru and a B-Box

    too many pics!Here we have a Subaru adapted to a Rotax B-box. It's not hard, just locating alignment pins and bossing centers on the big plate.
  18. M

    X-Air Std with a Rotax 582 Mod 90 Fuel Consumption

    Hi, I am trying to see or find a way to improve my fuel burn L I know the 582 and the X-Air are not that fuel friendly but I have been reading and could see that there are people out their flying the same machine and are having better fuel burn than I currently have ! My current setup...
  19. S

    **New** Rotax 532 **New** $1475

    **NEW** ROTAX 532 **NEW** • $1,475 • FOR SALE BY OWNER • All new! Never been run. Pickled. Includes dual carbs & A-gearbox. No starter or oil reservoir. • Contact Cliff B. Stripling, Owner - located Marble Falls, TX USA • Telephone: 830 693 2386
  20. C

    Rotax Gearbox 2.58:1 Pinion (small) gear...

    I need a small gear for a rotax 2.58:1 gearbox, this is the one with 19 teeth..... Late A Box, or B Box preferably... My gearbox didn't come with the small gear...:dis: E-mail if you can or PM, I check once in a while.