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  1. S

    Repair of compromised Longeron

    Hello All, I'm the proud owner of a new Sonex. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the previous owner's work. In a few instances, he redrilled holes next to others and near edges, seriously compromising the structural integrity of the piece (in this case, horizontal stabilizer spar)...
  2. K

    Need an Opinion on Damaged Airframe

    Good day, I have acquired an EAA Biplane that I'm trying to get back in the air (no rush) and I removed the leg rests to find a bent tube from the accident. The accident happened on the taxi ramp from a drunk driver running his truck into a wing by "accident" (previous owner). NTSB report...
  3. S

    Aircraft Exhaust Systems

    A Few Of This Years Projects.... Custom 4 into 1 PVC Kit We Did many Radials.... M14-p Jacob 195 J5 Lyc 300 Wilga 3 Into 1's and cross-overs.... lyc 540 Performance Single Stack's Cross-over IO-360 Mufflers Check out our website and see what Sonic Headers Inc can do for you...
  4. S

    PolyFiber Made Easy

    Just added PolyFiber kits to our website. This will provide you the quantities you need to cover your plane., whether it is the entire plane or just the wings. Not all kits are built yet, so bear with us and feel free to let me know what you would like to see added. We are also looking for...
  5. S

    Aircraft Exhaust Systems

    Sonic Headers Inc. manufactures and repairs aircraft exhaust systems and components. Our Experimental Exhaust is manufactured using 321 Stainless Steel materials. We offer PVC Kit or can copy Your Existing Design. Our Customer Service is Superior to any others... We have a large OEM direct...
  6. halfscalemustang

    Alternative covering method?

    Hello, i am currently working on my 50% P-51 Mustang. The original builder sheeted the original wooden airframe in aluminum. He used several 1'x2' squares of aluminum sheeting and attatched them to the stringers and bulkheads with hundreds of brads that are approximately 3/4" long. This is ok, i...