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  1. rv6ejguy

    SDS EFI at Reno 2019

    Andy Findlay is on the pole in Sport Class this year at 398 mph, which is faster than all but two of the Unlimited qualifiers. I'll be at Reno Saturday and Sunday, wearing an SDS T shirt, hanging out in the pits near the following aircraft mostly: 30,31, 3, 101, 61, 39. I'll have some free SDS...
  2. rv6ejguy

    SDS At Reno 2018

    We are very proud to have won the this years Reno Sport Class Gold championship on Andrew Findlay's Super Legacy, finally dethroning the tremendously dominant Jeff LaVelle who'd won it something like 7 times. This marks our second Gold win after the first ever EFI win back in 2010. Andy has the...
  3. rv6ejguy

    World's Fastest Harmon Rocket

    Bill Beaton from Calgary, ran some unofficial qualifying laps at Reno yesterday exceeding 281mph. He's running a supercharged Aero Sport Power IO-540 with SDS EFI/ CPI, ADI and Nitrous Oxide as a backup plan in case anyone gets too close... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jHp2poqf_Bs