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  1. CabezaEChancho

    VHF wiring doubt.

    Hi folks, I'm currently doing the wiring harness of a DITTEL FSG 2T vhf for a friend of mine and I have a simple doubt. The wiring diagram shows one pin as "AF External IN" it's supposed to be used with NAV, COM or MKR (don't know what is this last one). My question is, can I use this input as...
  2. MauleOwner

    FS: Engines & Accessories, Radios New & Used Condition, Wheel Pants

    I am not the owner of these items but I have agreed to help sell them as the actual owner travels and is frequently out of pocket. All items are used unless noted otherwise and all used was in working condition when removed. If preferred, I can send the radio(s) to Steinair to handle the...
  3. MauleOwner

    Com & Transponder Radios

    1) - Narco AT150 TSO s/n#36532 w/tray - $175 1) - Narco AR-850 Altitude Reporter s/n#81206 - $155 1) - New Icon IC-A210 s/n#2103422 w/tray - $975 Prefer to sell as set w/harness & trays: $350 for both 1) - Narco AT150 TSO s/n#23169 1) - Narco Com 120 TSO s/n#13056 For more pics or...
  4. S

    Flightline FL-760 Tranceiver Radio

    Builders... I thought that a used radio I had installed in my Zenith 701 was defective so ordered a replacement one. While I was rewiring the radio harness in order to make the one or two changes necessary for the new radio, I noticed an error on my part in the original wiring harness. Before I...
  5. werg2000

    VFR Transceiver Icom IC-A22

    Selling my ICOM IC-A22. Use this link: Aviation Radio VFR Transceiver Icom IC A22 | eBay
  6. F

    Collins radio equipment

    Hi everyone I got a stack of Collins aviation radio equipment as shown on the pictures. I can give a more detailed list upon request. Are there people interested in this? Or if you know where I can advertise for this, let me know please. Thank you
  7. A

    Icom IC-A4 "Sport" VHF Air Band Transceiver

    Brand new Icom IC-A4 "Sport" VHF Air Band Transceiver in the box (never used) Asking $220 Contact Dan at [email protected]
  8. GlassVampire

    FlightLine Internet Radio

    Hi all, I don't know if anyone has posted this before, so I figured I would. I just discovered this site while I was browesing another avaition related website. Its aviation/GA themed radio station, with stories, aviation themed music and news, etc. Pretty cool IMO. Take a look: Flight Line...