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  1. T

    Tandem wings (Yes, again.... Sorry!)

    *ducks to avoid the shower of abuse, empty beer bottles and tin cans* So, I've trawled through several threads and picked up one or two things about tandem wings, but I really don't see why they aren't more popular. I understand that if you don't get the centre of gravity correct, then they...
  2. Peterson

    quickie q200, experience and oppinions appreciated

    When it comes to affordable to build, own, and operate two seaters the quickie 200 checks all the boxes. The design also sticks in your mind. My flying preference is travel or pleasure /sight seeing. Has any one built or flown one and what can you tell me of its performance, comfort, flying...
  3. halfscalemustang

    Wanted quickie q2 prop

    I recently got ahold of a Quickie Tri-Q2 with a revmaster R2100 engine. Im new to building homebuilts and dont really know where to go to find parts. Specifically a prop. Is there such a thing as buying a pre-made wiring harness? I have several instruments, but none of them have pigtails off of...
  4. S

    For Sale Quickie for sale

    I have a 1983 Quickie Tri-Q kit for sale. It is about 80% complete and comes with a Revmaster 2100 engine and a wooden prop. It was certified for flight in the states but then the original builder decided to convert it to tri-gear. It needs basic finishing like prep for paint, interior needs...