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  1. N

    For Sale Unfinished Projects near Atlanta and Chattanooga

    I have two projects that need a good home, and finishing. The first is a covered fuselage for an Osprey I single seat amphibian. These were also known as the X-28. The plans are available for $150 from the original designer. With the fuselage I have control cables and retractable gear that...
  2. proppastie

    Free Bird Spike Information

    Free Bird Spike Information at PropPastie
  3. S

    For Sale Corben Junior Ace Plans for Sale

    Hello all, I have a set of new Ace Aircraft (Georgia) Corben Junior Ace plans available for sale. I bought them about 1 year ago and have decided to build something else. They sell new for $250 plus shipping. I would like to have $200 plus shipping, but will accept reasonable offers. Thank you!
  4. MotoChaos

    A voice from Upstate New York!

    Hello all! My name is Jason and I live in upstate New York, just outside of the city of Watertown. I have always wanted to fly, since I was very young, and I have recently got the itch to do something about it. Winter is here and that means less things to do outside, so my plan is to begin...
  5. Karaikun

    Possible builder.....

    Hi guys Short introduction I'm a 17 year old guy from southern Finland and i really got fascinated with these ultra/microlight aircraft when I saw one of the ultralight trikes :) Plans I am thinking of starting my own build, and I'm considering a ultralight trike for the simplicity, but I...
  6. A

    Start project - 1100R miniMAX

    Hey guys! the 1100R miniMAX will be my first self built aircraft, so i thoght thet i could use some help from you guys. I downloaded the plans (they are free by the way ) of this plane becouse it seemed to be the most basic and easy to built for a beginer... ill be glad to get some tips or...
  7. F

    For Sale Cri Cri Project started

    I have a Cri Cri project started. I have full set of plans and manuals, lots of AL sheet bought for the project, many parts cut out, Klegecell material and parts made, Aft Fuse, horizontal and vertical stabilizer and other sub assemblies made and 2 canopies. The canopies are very difficult to...
  8. A

    plans for a low wing light plane

    hey guys! thats my first post here so pls be nice to me...:) i want to build a light low wing plane (like the SD-1 minisport) and i need plans. the problem is that i cant find any plans anywhere! so pls if you know where to get the plans for a plane like the SD-1 minisport (or THE SD-1) pls...
  9. D

    For Sale Newest Aviation Classified site for you

    Aviation Recycle - Aviation Recycle If it Flies, Recycle It We have been online for a time and do have some items and planes listed. Visit us and send your friends and post your extras for sale or trade. Also visit out recycle aviation yahoo group. Just do a search for recyle aviation on yahoo...
  10. Sophie


    Hi, I am Sophie, and my first interest to join to "Homebuiltairplanes" was to find people and good ideas on how to home-built planes. I have a great interest in gliders withour motor or with a soft motor based in electronic. My interest is to develop a mathematical model for a glider, which can...
  11. C

    Wanted Looking for a set of Pro Composite/Amercian Affordable Aircraft Vision Plans.

    If you have a set of Vision Plans by Pro Composites/American Affordable Aircraft, I would like to buy them. Thanks!
  12. arthurwhitt

    For Sale Coot Amphibian Plans and Parts

    I have the plans and 10 years of parts for the Coot Amphibian for sale. I have most of the small parts that require welding. I have the wings, if they are still hanging where I left them 30 years ago. I have the engine cowling. If I can find it I have the hull. I haven't seen it for 30 years. I...
  13. Will Aldridge

    Good representative aircraft?

    As some of you know I'm designing my own composite aircraft. I recently came to the conclusion that having a set of plans for a composite aircraft would be a good thing to help me see some practical examples of how things are really done. For example I have the Thatcher CX4 plans and they have...
  14. indrflyr

    For Sale Wag Aero Sport Trainer Plans SOLD!

    Acro II # 1440. SOLD!:) Wag Aero Sport Trainer #2741 and Acro Trainer Supplement # 898 SOLD!
  15. D

    Long ez plans (COPYS)

    purely for educational purposes, could someone send me correct scale plans? It would be used to compare the different canards to see which one would be the simplest to build, maintain, fly, and for structural integrity and aerodynamics. I am thinking about either the long ez or the Mark III. Any...
  16. 2

    Open ez templates

    Since Cannardzone.com is down and the only download link for the templates is with it, could anyone upload a copy of them to here for me and other people to use this. Also, is it theoretically possible to build one from just the templates, I understand that without the original plans it would be...