1. C

    Parts For Sale Jungster 1 Plans ORIGINAL

    Original plans in GREAT condition. Includes full size rib drawing. Priority Mail postage Included. Also posted in Barnstormers. Feel free to email me with questions [email protected] $200.00
  2. C

    Parts For Sale JURCA MJ-5 Sirocco PLANS

    Original set of blueprints- 100+ pages of all sizes. Good to fair overall condition. Price includes Priority Mail to lower 48. (New set from Jurca is $550US) I have no reason to believe these are not complete. This set- $325.00
  3. C

    Parts For Sale Rose Parrakeet Plans Package

    I have scanned the Hannaford drawings to .pdf files on a CD. 30+ "D" sized prints. Also included are the STC drawings for the 0-200 Also included 61 "A" sized pages of magazine articles, drawing and material lists, modifications and more. Cost is $65.00 includes postage CONUS Steve...
  4. C

    Parts For Sale Knight Twister Imperial Plans

    Original set of Steen Aerolab blueprints. This is the single seat Knight Twister. Price includes postage and tracking. Best to e-mail with questions. [email protected] or phone 352-212-2853 $195.00 Paypal preferred but not exclusive. What ever works for you.
  5. C


    Starting to sell off my plans and blueprint collection of 300+drawings. THIS Set is NEW. Has a singe cut across maybe 10-15 pages- looks like someone opened up the package and was not careful. Does not degrade the drawing quality. $275.00 includes Priority Mail shipping to lower 48.
  6. mike12345

    Hovey Delta Bird Plans, does anyone have or know where to get?

    Hovey Delta Bird Plans, does anyone have or know where to get?
  7. kirbylee

    Drawing without dimensions ?

    I keep running into plans with drawings like this one that doesn't tell you the height or the angle. Should a person be expected to figure it out? Wouldnt it be much easier to write the dimensions?
  8. D

    Flight verification.
  9. E

    3/4th Scale Replica Bell P-39 Airacobra

    I am brand new to the world of building aircraft, I have been designing them on paper for years but I have never built one. I can't even fly yet (nor have I ever flown). I want to build something decently small but still fun to toss around the sky. I have been doing some looking but can't seem...
  10. iac249

    Corby Starlet Plans

    Looking for a complete set of Corby Starlet plans (and builders manual). Getting hard to find. Anyone have a set for sale?
  11. dcstrng

    Hannaford Model D-1 PLANS (Rose Parrakeet)

    These would apparently be D-sized if anyone has a lead on them... Thanks...
  12. M

    christavia MK-1 AND MK-4 plans, free to good home

    Come get them and all of the stuff. Have pics. Don't want to throw away, its got to go.
  13. N

    Trouble with plans..

    Hi everyone! I'm working on to calculate the roughly cost of a single place wooden airplane to build. Because the cost is most important aspect of homebuilding for me:) I have downloaded a minimax wooden airplane plan for free, thanks to team minimax:) Also I have bowers flybaby kit plan in...
  14. D

    SLEPCEV Storch Plans

    Interested in obtaining a set. Please let me know if you wold to sell yours
  15. R

    BD4 Project, For Parts or Finish

    This BD 4 was flying until it acquired some hail damage. It has been stored in a hangar for many years. However, there is very little if any corrosion or damage. It includes plans, construction booklets, wings, fuselage, parts for the tail, interior and gear. No motor. This would be a great head...
  16. Mycole

    Thatcher CX5 Plans For Sale

    I purchased plans set number 070 back in February of this year but time and finances have a way of changing priorities. I paid $450 for the plans, then made a number of extra copies of key pages for making templates since, as a first time builder, I was counting on making a number of mistakes...
  17. base363

    STOL King project

  18. K

    Looking to get into it with some plans, maybe a kit

    I'm young, only 35 years old. Planes have been in the family for decades, handfuls of Ercoups and a beechcraft. I know that I know very little about it all, but I feel the pull toward the sky. I long to soar again like when I was a teenager. Home-building is integral to the history of...
  19. Arfang

    Looking for EPB-1 plans

    The title says it all - I've already asked the Vintage Sailplane Association but they don't have the plans anymore. Does anybody knows where I could find a copy of them? Thank you.
  20. GlassVampire

    Team Minimax plans now free to download

    Hello all, I didn't see this posted up here yet so I thought my fellow aircraft builders would appreciate it (not that I'm building anything yet!). Plans for the various models of wood-constructed Ultralight, LSA, and Experimental aircraft from Team Minimax (such as the 1100R Mini-Max,Hi-Max...