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  1. Arkan

    Part 103 build...

    So, I have been playing with a design for a experimental home built bush plan. And I am still designing it as I write this, but I do not have my pilots license yet, and I am working on and studying the ground school material. But I never trusted ultra lights, I seen one crash as a kid, and I...
  2. Dun

    Two seat tandem: Asso X Jewel, suggestions?

    Hello, I recently joined HBA and for the last few weeks I am in the process of preparing the workshop, gathering some tools, and researching information to decide on a type which has available plans to start the build. The criteria I have are these: Low wing monplane Two seat tandem Tricycle...
  3. michael Hille

    Hi I have recently completed my scratch built Zenith 750 Cruzer with custom 160hp Subaru

    Hi I have just finished my scratch built 750 and having a blast flying it. This is my second scratch built aircraft with custom engine installation. Performance is awesome, Here is a link to the video of short field takeoff from the beach.