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  1. W

    Large Drone

    Hello, I'm new to this website and also to homemade airplane building. My plan is to build a large drone based on the MQ-1 Predator/MQ-9 Reaper. I am going to make it seven feet long and I decided to make it electric and was thinking about three powerful golf cart motors. One in the back and...
  2. N

    Is it possible?

    I'm looking for something fun to do and I thought building an ultralight under $500 was a good challenge and would be fun so I need to know would it even be remotely possible to build something flyable out of some scooter wheels, plastic sheeting, duct tape, bamboo, and pvc pipe that could carry...
  3. L

    ROTAX 277 on a Mini-Max 1030

    I recently bought a Mini-Max and it comes with a ROTAX 277, 2 stroke engine, and this is my first kit plane. Is there certain things I should look out for while building it? I have done a lot of research but I just want to get answers from experienced pilots. Some simple questions I have is...
  4. Pipercub95

    Unidentified Plane!!! Can some one please help me identify this plane!

    So this one plane has been flying over my house for the longest of times (since I was about 5) I just want to get some help identifying it. I think it looks like a Icon A5 without amphibious capability.Anyway here are some pics. All help is appreciated!;)
  5. C

    My first Big Project, homebuilt BF109 E4.

    Hello, the names crews94 I am a new member, I am currently junior in High school, And I want to build My own airplane. I have begun using scaled prints from a model kit, and after finding the scale of the images, have begun creating, 1:1 scale drawings, or as close as they will get, for now...
  6. A

    Starting off!

    Hi guys!, I'm wanting to start building a plane. It will probably be pretty big, and have jet engines. I am going to do it in phases - most likely design, exterior, interior, cockpit, wings, engine,final stuff, CASA certification (I live in AU). I've done design and was wondering what materials...
  7. nysaircraft


    Brand New RV-12 built by Nys Aircraft, Inc. is available for purchase. Own your own, brand new plane in less than a month. Please check out our website to see our work. Feel free to email or call with any questions you may have. :) :)
  8. D

    Long ez plans (COPYS)

    purely for educational purposes, could someone send me correct scale plans? It would be used to compare the different canards to see which one would be the simplest to build, maintain, fly, and for structural integrity and aerodynamics. I am thinking about either the long ez or the Mark III. Any...
  9. R

    burning holes in the sky

    With rising fuel prices, no one wants to use a 172 to go burning holes in the sky. What (homebuilt) planes would be great for that purpose. Only requirements are 2 seats and really low fuel consumption