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  1. Adam Mortimer

    Hello from the UK!

    Greetings everyone, I'm Adam and I'm completely, 100% unqualified in aircraft design and construction. I am as green a greenhorn as can possibly be imagined, but my goal is eventually to gain the skills necessary to develop and build a simple, reliable light aircraft for occasional jaunts into...
  2. O

    Hello from Saskatchewan

    Hello, I've been signed up to the forum for a couple of years but have been largely inactive as was working on my private pilots license which I received just over a year ago. To gain experience and to meet local like minded people, I've recently joined my local EAA chapter 154 where we are...
  3. S

    Hello all from AZ

    Hello everyone! I have been looking to get into the ultralight community for some time. I have been flying R/C for 10 years to stay within my means. Now I am ready to get into ultralights, I have done some pretty extensive research and found the skypup. I have been looking everywhere for the...
  4. M

    Mark- Determined to Fly

    Hello all, My name I Mark Wirtz and I am coming from the RC world of aircrafts to pursue my lifelong dream of building an aircraft. I’m from Virginia, in the Army and spend a lot of time tinkering. I love to tinker, bring my ideas to light and enjoy the results. For example, after building an...
  5. MotoChaos

    A voice from Upstate New York!

    Hello all! My name is Jason and I live in upstate New York, just outside of the city of Watertown. I have always wanted to fly, since I was very young, and I have recently got the itch to do something about it. Winter is here and that means less things to do outside, so my plan is to begin...
  6. B

    New Member in New Mexico

    Hello to All. I am new here and look forward to learn from your experiences as well as share mine as I work my way towards final selections, purchase and build of my own aircraft. Cheers, Joe