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  1. PiperCruisin

    NACA 6-series cusp

    I imagine this subject has been somewhat hashed out on the forum from what I've seen, but here it goes. I've been looking into some airfoils for a design, but starting to confuse myself (not an aero guy). I have Riblett's book and was comparing his airfoil to the 6-series using Javafoil...
  2. A

    XFLR 5 Help needed

    Hi guys!!! I am new to this forum and by reading the threads I realized there are alot of things i didn't know about aero-modeling. Thanks to you guys for all the superb posts :) Here is my query. I am designing a low weight RC plan to carry a specific sized payloads. Weight and battery being...
  3. M

    Help with wing building part 103

    Hello all, new member here from Tucson. I'm in the drafting phase of building a part 103 UL from scratch and I've come to a snag. I've been learning the science behind airfoil shapes and have picked my airfoil(naca 4418). I did all the math from Chris Heintz's article...