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  1. cblink.007

    Strengthening & Saving EAA Chapters and Investing in the Future: Making the Case

    @Dana @BJC @Direct C51 @CRG @Victor Bravo @wsimpso1 Okay folks, a couple remarks and some ground rules before I get into my opening statement… I am sure there are plenty of related threads to this topic, and I apologize accordingly, but I elected to start a new one, because I think...
  2. clayton.zamudio

    New Member: CLAYTRONATOR! Looking to FLY!!

    Good EVENING LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, Man how excited I am to get involved in the aviation community, it has always been a passion of mine and I don't know why i haven't pursued it professionally! I am recently honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps and really have aims to reach...