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  1. W

    Me109 85% replica

    Just posted on YouTube last month, a beautiful 85% Me109 replica. 75%- 85% seems like a good scale for a 109. Not sure what engine he's using, he states some Rotax? Does anyone have more info on this.
  2. whizzywhizzer

    update pics of the BF109 build.......

    here's where I'm at so far as from 29 - may - 2016
  3. whizzywhizzer

    building a life size messerschmitt bf109 g10

    this plane will sit out in my paddock as a display piece............ when finished.
  4. whizzywhizzer

    BF109 life size build

    here's an update shot of where I'm at on the plane so far 23 - December 2015. also here is an artist's recreation of how the plane would look in action............
  5. whizzywhizzer

    ME109 build

    here's some progress pics =D
  6. whizzywhizzer

    ME109 Messerschmitt G10 sculpture build

    adding some details inside.......... a lot of fun to build
  7. whizzywhizzer

    BF-109 Messerschmitt build

    static display BF109 I'm building, just some update shots............
  8. whizzywhizzer

    BF-109 Messerschmidt life size build

    more pics on my home page..........
  9. whizzywhizzer

    BF-109 G10 sculpture

    hi everyone, I'm currently building a life size BF-109 in Aluminium. going for the crash landed look, but intact.
  10. halfscalemustang

    P-51 Replica Q&A

    The V-12 Jurca Mustang that you have all seen on ebay and yes, Barnstormers is none other than mine, good ol halfscalemustang! The same wide eyed kid with a dream to fly a Mustang. The v-12'? guess where you've seen them before, you guessed it! Here! The exhaust and cooling scenarios have been...