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  1. Ardent

    For Sale Murphy Rebel 50%, Prince George B.C. $13,000US or add O-320

    Evening, I have two Rebels, one flying on floats and one part way build that I’ve decided to part with, as a direct result of having the one flying on floats. I’d estimate the build at 50%, and everything but the landing gear appears to be there. The spar / wing inspection hasn’t been done, but...
  2. maitlandtron

    For Sale Lycoming O-290D2

    I bought this engine to use in a Wittman Tailwind that I'm building, but I have decided to go a different route. I don't know any history on the engine, but the crank is not seized and will turn over. No visible damage. No accessories. I am willing to deliver in the phoenix metropolitan area. I...
  3. S

    For Sale Selling Avid Magnum and Lycoming Engine

    Hello Home build airplane community. I have inherited an Avid Magnum and Textron Lycoming engine from my uncle who built the plane. He had < 100 hours of flying before he nicked a wing while landing and stored it in the barn never to be used again. While it is far from usable in its current...
  4. K

    For Sale 6" Propeller Extension

    6" Propeller Extension (SAE-1). Part off of a Lycoming O235 (125 hp). Asking $225.00. Pictures below. Email for more information. Thanks, Kevin
  5. cluttonfred

    Anyone familiar with the Lycoming IO-360L?

    Looking at engine specs on the Lycoming site, I came across this model: MODEL IO-360-L COMPRESSION RATIO 8.50:1 HP 160 RPM 2,400 TBO 2,000 HEIGHT 24.84 (IN) WIDTH 33.37 (IN) LENGTH 29.81 (IN) DRY WT 278 (LBS) REMARKS Dynafocal Mounts Weight and power are down in IO-320 range, but at a modest...