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  1. Maxray

    Legal Eagle project for sale

    Well, my VA Doctor made my decision to sell my beloved Spread Eagle project... Health is failing faster than previously thought. From my Barnstormers ad: LEGAL EAGLE PROJECT - ARF • $6,800 • ACCEPTING OFFERS • LEGAL EAGLE - SPREAD EAGLE UL TO XL. UL style dimensioned to XL landing gear, length...
  2. X

    Legal Eagle XL Affordaplane Hybrid- Looking for Input

    To begin, I have been a long time enthusiast of Ultralights, and have always wanted to build my own. I had an idea in looking at two of the common ultralight designs, and may be in a want my cake and eat it too situation. I am extremely comfortable doing metal work and uncomfortable doing wood...
  3. C

    Howdy from the Ozarks

    I am a lifelong aviation nut, and two of our children fell from the same tree. In the mid-1960s I received a Glider rating and did about 10 hours of solo afterwards. That doesn't sound like much, but if you fail to catch thermals at 3,000 feet, you are back on the ground in less than 30...
  4. S

    New Guy in Ohio: Considering the Legal Eagle Ultralight

    Hello everybody, I'm Dave. I don't fly yet, so I figured an ultralight would be the way to get started. I was considering LSA planes when I stumbled onto the Legal Eagle Ultralight. It's really got my attention, mostly for the simplicity, and partially because it's an ultralight. It's cheap...