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  1. C

    Challenger II XL-65 Kit For Sale

    CHALLENGER II XL-65 KIT! • GREAT OPPORTUNITY • Challenger 2 Light Sport XL-65 complete kit. Fuselage is rolling and one wing nearly complete and ready to cover. Includes EVERYTHING needed to complete - including Oratex covering fabric, new Rotax 582 blue head, reduction drive, prop, interior...
  2. K

    Looking to get into it with some plans, maybe a kit

    I'm young, only 35 years old. Planes have been in the family for decades, handfuls of Ercoups and a beechcraft. I know that I know very little about it all, but I feel the pull toward the sky. I long to soar again like when I was a teenager. Home-building is integral to the history of...
  3. T

    Prototype Airplane Kit for Sale - similar to Lancair modell - need to be finished

    Hello community, I am new here and hope to follow all the rules by offering this interesting project. I have to stop working and investing on it, as my personal and financial situation did changed to the worse. What is for sale is the full completion kit. That includes the following...
  4. mikeno


    Four place Bearhawk Rib/Spar/Web/Plans/Manuals package as sold on the Bearhawk website Bearhawk Parts and Pieces. Purchased In September 2013. Consists of hydroformed wing ribs, aileron ribs, flap ribs, false ribs, wing trailing edge skin stiffeners in the flap area (4 pieces ) and the...
  5. T

    Repost: what's my kit plane REALLY gonna cost?

    My original thread morphed into an interesting and lively discussion about certified vs. conversion engines (which I hope admins can place under the appropriate category and re-title)... So I'll just try again and hope that this go-around we can keep it on the topic of financial modeling...
  6. L

    ROTAX 277 on a Mini-Max 1030

    I recently bought a Mini-Max and it comes with a ROTAX 277, 2 stroke engine, and this is my first kit plane. Is there certain things I should look out for while building it? I have done a lot of research but I just want to get answers from experienced pilots. Some simple questions I have is...
  7. T

    So, what's my kit plane REALLY gonna cost when it's all done?

    I'm lolling around to see what budget I should expect for building a Sort-of STOL bush plane. I want to do this kind of stuff: But in reality, I will probably spend more time landing on, errr, more traditional landing spots. If I can get over the...
  8. A

    AEROPUP 2 seat LSA Kit

    Hi all Please let me show you our AEROPUP It is sold @19500 USD (FOB AUSTRALIA) and it accomodates Rotax, Continental...etc This is a great airplane designed to be safe and easy with a great reputation inside Australia. If you are thinking on starting a new project please ask me first. Either...
  9. R

    AVID MAGNUM KIT PLANE - Moving Must Sell !

    Folding Wings, Trailer it Home, No Tie Down Fees ! Magnum is a high-wing strut-braced monoplane with a welded steel tube fuselage, folding wings have aluminum spars and wooden ribs which are ready to cover. Enclosed cabin has side-by-side configuration seating for two w/option for an add'l seat...
  10. K

    New member from Istanbul seeking advise for 4 seater

    10 years ago I wanted to build a sailboat. I had a CNC router so I have built it in kit form. After finishing it, I thought that this is an excellent way to make people own boats with limited budgets. Since than I have manufactured and sold over 100 boat kits. A lot for a country where DIY...
  11. A

    For Sale: Unfinished KR-2 - Orange County, CA

    We are looking to sell an unfinished Kenny Rand KR-2 kit plane. The body and wings are all epoxied and sanded. Ready for paint. I don't have all of the details of the gauges and radio but I have lots of pictures.The plane was built as a tail dragger rather than a tripod style. Please let me...
  12. S

    Zenith 701

    I am looking for a Zenith 701 kit- you can email me at [email protected] or call 775-230-2357 Thanks:)
  13. D

    Aircraft as Product: Design, Modularity, Mass Production Methods

    Introduction Hi, I'm a new member here, but I've been doing a ton of lurking over the last few months, reading up threads in this section and trying to get a sense of what's-what round here. My background is a now-senior Industrial Design Student at the Rhode Island School of Design. My father...
  14. V

    Velocity XL Kit

    I'm looking for an unstarted / unfinished Velocity XL kit. Retractable gear and factory-built wings/fuselage preferred. $20,000 - $35,000. If you're interested in selling one, please send a description of your kit, your asking price, and your location to: [email protected]
  15. rickofudall

    Cumulus Motor Glider Kit For Sale

    Health issues force me to sell my unstarted Cumulus kit. Always stored in a heated garage, all hardware still in original blister packs, most in unopened boxes. The only thing I've done is assemble the wheels and tires and the throttle assy. I also primed the steel parts. See it at: Ultralight...
  16. ROTOR F/X

    Another European Helicopter to Invade the West – Will Also Be Available As A Kit

    Another European Helicopter to Invade the West – Will Also Be Available As A Kit Oshkosh, WI USA August 4, 2009 -- As a finale to a record breaking EAA AirVenture 2009, ROTOR F/X LLC of Van Nuys, California made a major joint announcement today with the European helicopter manufacturer JSC CB...