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  1. stigghiola

    Air.Co.De. Tool

    Hello everyone, for some years I have been dedicating myself to the aircraft design for pure passion. I was originally using Catia v5 and it's a fantastic modeling tool, but expensive and prohibitive. Then a guy (my current professor of flight mechanics) asked me to enroll in aerospace...
  2. B

    Hello everybody

    i'm a 20 yo student from Rome, Italy. I have no experience to share, i'm just a curious user here. Anyway i like DIY, civil aviation airplanes & companies, aside from an insane plasure for extreme and unknown.I'm really surprised to see a forum like is amazing.
  3. p-5151


    Hi to everybody. My name is Giancarlo, I'm 44, pilot since 1997, rc pilot since 1980. I fly the Loehle P-5151 Mustang " Danny Boy 2nd ", The first 5151 built and flying in Italy. A wonderful 2011 to everybody and mani happy landings :ban: Giancarlo