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  1. D


    HI there, the space between the wing spar and an insleeve is about 0.5cm.Hence,there is a visible separation between the wing spar and sleeve,so I decided to put pvc pipe inbetween the wing spar and its sleeves to fill the space between the spar and sleeve. My question is,is this really a wise...
  2. D

    The use of the spanwise foam boards between the ribs of an Affordaplane ultralight.

    What is the use of the span wise foam boards between the ribs of Affordaplane wings?, are they there to help prevent rib movement\chaffing when the wing gets covered .Here is a picture of what am talking about https://i.stack.imgur.com/h9k0Y.jpg Here's a video...
  3. B

    Band new Aerovee 2.1

    Brand new Aerovee 2.1 engine inventoried and put back in the boxes the engine came in. Has Sonex/Xenos/Waiex exhaust kit (A Model) Has Sonex /xenos /Waiex Baffle kit ( A Model) Oil pressure sender Oil Temp Sender Air filter assembly
  4. W

    An introduction from Willardie

    Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a long time aircraft and aviation enthusiast, involved in things from kit building, scratch building, some experimenting and also some designing as well. I live in Canada and am mainly interested in ultralights, home built and giro-copters. My interest in...
  5. P

    Ding Shilu's Unbelieveably Cheap (and Terrifying!) Airplanes.

    I was looking around at Home built Airplane and Ultralight News, and I found out about Ding Shuli, a Chinese automobile mechanic that made 2-3 airplanes for incredibly cheap prices. I know another forum post was made on this subject, but I want to explore how he was able to construct his super...
  6. Sree

    Need Help With Building a Two Seater Trike/Ultralight

    I apologize for my lack of knowledge with flying foremost.:depressed Me and a friend of mine, are planning to build a two seater trike or ultralight sort of thing. We never have built or seen one in real life. We plan to keep the cost minimal. We weigh to about 130-135 kg combined. We can get...
  7. T

    22 hp V Twin Predator engine ultralight Aircraft (IDEA/project) ICON A5 REPLICA

    Hey guys, new to the forum here. So I've been planning on building my own ultralight for quite some time now. And although I wouldn't mind just buying a used one, I really just want to design one myself. I would like to post my idea for what I'm doing here and see if I can get some useful...
  8. S

    ZENITH CH 701 (Now flying with twice reduced Price..$26, $24, now $22,950)

    ZENITH CH 701 • $22,950 • FOR SALE • Mfg. Completed 2015, AWC received from FAA 5/28/15, First Flight 7/26/15, 0.5 hrs. TTAF, Rotax 582, 2.5 hrs. SMOH, B-Box, IVO prop, elec. start/trim, X-ponder - specifications, history of construction and pics on request • Contact Cliff B. Stripling...
  9. GlassVampire

    Anyone recognize this homebuilt twin-rotor helo?

    Someone posted this on a FB page I'm a member of and we are trying to find more info about it. All we have is this pic, though supposedly it was built by someone in Africa (go figure) and has been flown (I"m somewhat dubious on that last feat). The rotors are articulated and both are powered...
  10. Pipercub95

    Unidentified Plane!!! Can some one please help me identify this plane!

    So this one plane has been flying over my house for the longest of times (since I was about 5) I just want to get some help identifying it. I think it looks like a Icon A5 without amphibious capability.Anyway here are some pics. All help is appreciated!;)
  11. P

    Foam Ultralight?- New Design

    Hi forum, I have been researching building aircraft for a long time and want an ultralight (can't solo- not old enough) but none of these airplanes are as strong as I would like or are too much. I have been also researching the design of my own and came up with a plan for a sporty looking, low...
  12. S

    2009 Arion Lightining - Experimental, Not LSA

    65 Hours TTSN, No damage, Hangared in NC, Complete Logs, Conditional Inspection Performed JAN 2013, 30 Gallons Fuel Capacity, Pressure Compensating Carburetor (No Mixture Control), Jabiru 3300 Engine Provides 120-HP, Senenich Carbon Fiber 2-Blade Prop, Garmin GTN-650 IFR GPS, Garmin GTX-327...
  13. R

    AVID MAGNUM KIT PLANE - Moving Must Sell !

    Folding Wings, Trailer it Home, No Tie Down Fees ! Magnum is a high-wing strut-braced monoplane with a welded steel tube fuselage, folding wings have aluminum spars and wooden ribs which are ready to cover. Enclosed cabin has side-by-side configuration seating for two w/option for an add'l seat...
  14. W

    New Teledyne 4A084-4 Military Standard Gasoline Engine in crate

    I have a new 4A084-4 Military Standard Gasoline Engine, built by Teledyne. Still in the Crate. $850. Located in Lubbock, TX. Can load on freight truck or your pickup or trailer. 3 available. Crated is 33"L x 31"W x 27"H and weighs 299# 8 zero 6-five 43-0980
  15. G

    60% finished Taylor Titch

    Taylor Titch project for sale. 60% complete by master craftsman. This is the 3rd homebuilt by this craftsman. Two other completed projects were a Maule and Lancair IVP. Titch airframe is covered in fabric and most of it painted perfectly in silver without any mottling. Purchase includes Taylor...
  16. T

    Hello From Illinois

    I would like to say hello to everyone. I am in Cetrall IL. I fly out of 3IS5 Field known as Holmes airfield. We have the Flight for Life Helli's hangared at this field also. A great bunch of men and women. I have been flying for 3 seasons and have over 120 HRS flying as of today. In that time I...
  17. R

    A turbofan for homebuilts

    Hi! I didn't see this one mentioned here... On a routine Google patrol for small turbofan engines I came across an interesting piece of hardware: Home - Price Induction They had a booth at Le Bourget and Oshkosh, displaying their new DGEN-380 and DGEN-390 turbofans, intended for "Private light...
  18. topspeed100

    A 4 engine jet as homebuilt ?

    I introduced in the wood structure area an idea of a 4 engine jet ( 4 x model engines ). To top the existing Cri Cri and BD-5 records for the smallest jet. Would that have difficulties in regulation side ? Engines are to be overhauled at just 25 hours of use ? Also pilots eligible to fly a...
  19. cluttonfred

    Looking for great homebuilt aircraft pics

    For 2011, I put together a calendar of photos of homebuilt boats (my other hobby) which you can see on my Lulu page: <http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/owlnmole>. For 2012, I thought I'd change the theme to the kind of homebuilt aircraft that I love: classic, simple designs of wood, steel and...
  20. cluttonfred

    Homebuilt radials

    I am not looking for a Twin Wasp or Cyclone, just a nice, low-revving, direct-drive engine, say 3 or 5 cylinders and modest weight and horsepower, say under 200 lbs complete firewall forward and about 40-60 hp. That would make a great engine for any number of small replicas and would sound great...