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  1. GyroGerald

    Bensen Days Gyroplane Event

  2. GyroGerald

    Volkswagen powered Gyroplane fly’s

    VW Gyroplane
  3. GyroGerald

    Wrens Georgia Gyroplane Event

  4. J

    1993 EJ22 RAF 200 GYROPLANE $22,500.00

    Dual controlled EJ22 RAF2000 GYROPLANE and custom built tilt-trailer. Trailer includes supports that allow for transport with rotors attached. Modifications included not found on standard EJ22: Rotor stabilator for electric roll trim. Rotor rpm assist,Subaru 130hp water cooled engine. Four blade...
  5. K

    Looking for gyroplane

    Hi every gyroperson I am looking for an used gyroplane 2 place side by side I prefer a Bensen one because it's so simple any help I'll appreciate it thanks gyros
  6. A

    Latest Version of the Hornet Gyrocopter Plans

    Hello, I am looking for the latest Hornet GyroCopter plans. The latest I could find on the web is Version 13.2. However, I know there is at least a Version 14 out there. Does anyone have them or where I could get them? Reference: Gyroplanes, gyrocopters and gyrogliders