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  1. Pushparaj

    Hello from India

    I am Pushparaj Ameen from India. A hardcore RC enthusiast. I have over 16 years of experience in building & teaching Remote controlled Airplane & Boats. The dream of developing manned plane is reckoned from a simple radio controlled background. Recently I have designed & developed a Single...
  2. P

    VJ-23 Rigid Wing Hang Glider

    Hey Everyone! Noob aircraft enthusiast, experienced woodworked here. Looking to find more information into the Volmer VJ-23... This seems like the perfect little aircraft to just get started on some hill hops. the dream would be to someday upgrade a build of this to an E-soarer! Here is maybe...
  3. A

    Part 103 low speed ultralight glider design (wing)

    I need ideas of wing system for ultralight glider (such as Chanute, EasyRiser or Primary Instruction Glider) (may be biplane) low speed (25 - 40 hm/h) , weight of glider < 40 kg). My idea is next: biplane (wingspan - 6m, wing chord - 1.2m), S1210 airfoill...
  4. b7gwap

    Ideas for joining UL tube ladder wing spars at splices.

    I'm drawing up a fat guy Sandlin glider in SW. This will be what I call the "BUG 5" as it is a derivative of the BUG4. Sandlin's drawings call out the main spar tubes as having a splice at the outer flying wire location (1 inch OUTBD of that location to be exact.) He carries the bending and...
  5. H

    Improving VNE of a glider for high altitude flight?

    Hi! So I have this idea of building an electric motorglider and flying it very high (75-90000 ft) at very high TAS (about 300 kts). At the current stage, I am thinking to retrofit an existing high-performance glider with an electric motor and batteries. While researching the feasibility of...
  6. D

    3D printed fuselage exterior surface, reinforced with CF inside

    Dears, i do not know if that topic has been touched before, and i would appreciate your thoughts/suggestions. My apologies as well if this is OT. I'm here talking about a tailless glider project, but at the moment, i'm concentrating on a RC scale version. I'm on my way to finalize the design...
  7. L

    Greetings from an aspiring designer!

    Hello everyone! :) I have scored thousands of hours in WWII aviation combat games over a past few years and I got hooked forever... Since then I've been learning, building and flying model airplanes (crashed a lot of them) and now comes the moment of truth: can I build a real airplane? I'm on...
  8. S

    Hello Everybody

    I'm a hang glider pilot. It's what I can afford for flying.Wanna build a Ligeti Stratos-based footlaunch soaring platform. Wortmann airfoil has too high of a stall speed for safe footlaunch. HELP?! I'd remove the powerplant, shroud, tank, most of the landing gear (go to single wheel with a...
  9. RPM314

    Horten Ho. Xc project

    (NOTE - as of this post my current number of posts has been multiplied by infinity) Hi, all. I'm not actually a proper full scale pilot; I design, build, and fly (and crash) r/c model aircraft. Someday when I'm out of school and have steady income I want to get into hang gliding or something...
  10. G

    Sea Plane/Glider/Thing Project Help

    Hey Everyone, My friends and I are making a glider that looks a lot like a FIB, we are new to building aircrafts, and would like advice on were to get parts on a budget, and lift to weight ratios. Thank’s for any help!
  11. Deferred Defect

    1929 Primary Glider Build Thread

    Hello all, The purpose of this build log is to document the building adventures of several aviation college students in building a replica primary glider. All of us have various skills in this field, but this will be the first homebuilt project we have attempted. We all have an interest in...
  12. Deferred Defect

    Howdy! Building a Primary Glider

    Hello! I've got a group together that's just purchased the plan set for the Sands 1929 replica Primary Glider and the materials for the wing ribs and tails. All of us have various building skills, but this will be our first full sized aircraft project. Has anyone here had any experience...
  13. proppastie

    Basic Aerodynamics Question

    Looking at Gottingen 535 airfoil data: There is data point for C.P. (Center of pressure?) at 92% of chord from leading edge at -6 deg, and the C.P. curve is extended to -150% of chord from leading edge. So how is the center of pressure not on the wing, off in space so to speak, or what does...
  14. proppastie

    Another Air Loads Question Wing Drag/Stress

    All the wing loading calculations for stressing the wing (at least those I have found) do not figure the wing drag as a loading condition. Is this because it is less than torque loading, or in the case of the glider wing tip landing forces? Am I just not finding it or is it not done for...
  15. danmoser

    Bright Star SWIFT ultralight sailpane

    S/N 037 located in Sandy, Utah (Salt Lake City area). This glider is in good condition and is a joy to fly. Included are full fairing with new canopy material, motor mount (no motor or prop), 2nd Chantz ballistic reserve chute, and misc. spare parts. It flies very well and comes with a...
  16. F

    Clark Y and Glider Questions

    Hello All, My name is Cody H. and this is my first post. I am currently a senior in HighSchool and for my senior project I am designing a primary glider. I am building a 1/8 scale model and hope to build a full size glider in the next few years. I need this glider to be able to lift 300 lbs...
  17. G

    Free Downloadable Reference Book "The Glider" with Link

    You may wish to add this book to your reference library. The book "The Glider" is quite extensive in details need to properly design and construct a glider or motor glider. Since the book is a free download you'll need this link: My apologies for the...
  18. proppastie

    Using Autocad V14 Region data and Solids data for stress analysis

    After reading 10 pages of threads with the key-word “stress” I do not feel I belong in the same room. That being said I am doing a feasibility/design study of converting an existing design to aluminum stressed skin design. I am using the Autocad region data and solid properties data. I am not...
  19. A

    Circular wing Flugtag Entry

    Our team is building a circular wing for the San Francisco Flugtag. We have built several glider models. They don’t have ‘airfoils’. They have the same cross section as the Gremyatsky "Disc". see link for diagram Real Soviet glider-diskoplan ( They all have a circular wing 20” in diameter...
  20. PorcoRosso

    Choosing wood over aluminium worth it?

    I've found wonderful resources on a future project I'd like to start early on, an ultralight glider. As things go, the plans for aircraft of this type are usually aluminium tubing and bolted joints (nothing welded or made of machined metal). Would it first off be possible to replace all...