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  1. rjgritter

    PS-5C Pressure Carb and matching Lycoming 40595 fuel pump

    Bendix PS-5C pressure carb and matching (mid-pressure) Lycoming 40595 fuel pump. Has the desirable red seals. These were in great working condition when removed from the O-360 on our S-1C for conversion to fuel injection. This setup allows fully inverted operation without fuel injection - great...
  2. rv6ejguy

    SDS EFI on a 180hp Kitfox

    I was over a a clients shop today to help with an SDS EFI install on a 360 Lycoming in his Kitfox. He went with the dual ECU option running both fuel and ignition, eliminating the carb and both mags. It started right up after a few blades from cold and idled nicely at 400-500 rpm. He...
  3. rv6ejguy

    SDS EFI New Features

    Today we finished testing our new dual programmer board design coupled with the V29.4 software release. This incorporates 8 levels of LCD brightness and 16 levels of contrast adjustment. These features were in response to user requests to tone down the backlighting levels for night flying...
  4. rv6ejguy

    Andrew Findley Takes 1st Place in EXP Sport AVC 2017 with SDS EFI

    We're very proud of Andrew Findlay who took 1st place in the Experimental Sport Class in the Air Venture Cup Race last week in his twin turbo Lancair. Andrew is using our dual ECU 6F system for fuel and ignition control. He ran the plane at the Reno PRS in June also (middle photo). Andrew...
  5. rv6ejguy

    SDS EFI 6 Cylinder Fuel Trim

    Software is now complete and we're finishing bench testing on the individual cylinder fuel trim option this week and will be continuing with engine testing after that before going on to further engine testing later in August. This will be a twin ECU board offering, with backup and a new...
  6. rv6ejguy

    SDS EM-5 ECU (EM56)

    We are just starting to ship the latest SDS EM-5 ECU now with EM56 board and V 25.7 software. The EM56 now has on board coil drivers for up to 4 channels (as opposed to add-on daughter boards in previous EM-4 and EM-5 ECUs) and an additional analog input for something like an oil temp sensor...
  7. rv6ejguy

    SDS Data Logging

    For the latest EM-5 ECUs, we've just released the new 8 channel data logging/ digital dash feature for easier tuning of the system. Hardware kit allows a USB connection to a Windows compatible XP/ 7/ 8.1 laptop. Also allows you to save and print maps after programming changes. Programming is...
  8. wingandprop

    Really, REALLY, basic engine queries

    Hello everybody, I know from reading this forum that some folks get a bit testy when they see others making technically inaccurate statements about engine or accessory design, installation, or function. That will not be a problem with this post. I say that because I am equipped with a nearly...