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  1. M

    christavia MK-1 AND MK-4 plans, free to good home

    Come get them and all of the stuff. Have pics. Don't want to throw away, its got to go.
  2. GlassVampire

    Team Minimax plans now free to download

    Hello all, I didn't see this posted up here yet so I thought my fellow aircraft builders would appreciate it (not that I'm building anything yet!). Plans for the various models of wood-constructed Ultralight, LSA, and Experimental aircraft from Team Minimax (such as the 1100R Mini-Max,Hi-Max...
  3. WonderousMountain

    Seeking Benefactor(s)

    Dear HBA members, After attempting to gain financial support for the engine I'm blueprinting and finding much criticism from the legitimate business contingent, I'm "changing gears". Now looking to make a more personal deal with a person(s) who has a long term optimistic outlook, willing to...
  4. I

    Wooden Aircraft Plans

    Hi. I am 14 years old and am planning to start an aircraft project with my grandfather (preferably out of wood). I was wondering if anyone new of any aircraft plans (preferably free or cheap plans). The aircraft must be a high wing with 2 seats and 2 doors. Thanks.
  5. N

    Free Build Logging Software Offer

    In the spirit of keeping things cheap and homebuilt i developed my own build logging software and are now offering a limited number of licences to other users for free. I am currently building a bearhawk but some of the files and discussions here have helped me over the...
  6. Pytoche

    My Home made propeller design software + Download + Video + Tutorial

    This is my video tutorial about how to design, built and test a propeller with no money! in the video, i am the guy with black t-shirt. Application: I also made an application for windows and Mac that helps you to find an aproximate static thrust, angles, diameter, rpm and chord for begin...