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  1. fixnflyr

    A&P Mechanic needed in Savannah GA., Great pay plus free use of our airplanes.

    We need two more A&P mechanics in Savannah at Savannah Aviation. We are growing fast since we bought it a year ago. We are a full service aircraft maintenance shop and Cessna/Beech service center. We opened the flight school back up in March 2019 and we have 7 instructors and 10 airplanes for...
  2. T

    New member, returning after getting sidetracked regarding spruce

    Hi All, I just posted in 'The Light Stuff'. I have a little bit of a crazy idea of building a very small electric WIG airplane. It's all over the place regarding inspiration but I think there is something to it. I started reading this site years ago and after taking the advice of many folks who...
  3. primitive

    primitive, ancient flying machine

    primitive, ancient flying machine effigy for sale Introducing a model of flying nachine that bears all the marks of being pre-historic. I found the pieces in my backyard in close proximity to each other, not knowingthey would fit together into this flying machine. The wings, tail, front and...
  4. N

    I need input!

    Hello, I have recently decided to develop my own flying vehicle using ducted fans or wind turbines and i need educated help. I am a complete novice but i built a small scale model that works really well. My seven year old daughter was able to pick up the controller and fly it with almost no...
  5. J

    Flying Bike.

    I have these specs that have been passed down about building a road/air motorcycle... This thing is from the 40's and pretty much ancient but it gave me a freakin awesome idea since the technology of this age is far more advanced than the 40's. I know that a 2000 Cessna is around 3100lb wet...
  6. P

    Aviation video contest is currently hosting an aviation video contest. Rules can be found | About Us / Contests The current contest ends Dec 19th.