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  1. S

    Pegasus flying car/helicopter at CES 2020

    Didnt see this mentioned on HBA yet!! prototype video: CAD Rendering: Display at CES2020:
  2. emilyG

    Airplane Transforms Into Pricey Car

    It has been reported that visitors to the New York International Auto Show will have the opportunity to get a close look at the Terrafugia Transition, or more simply, the flying car. According to reports, the Transition is an airplane which can accommodate two people, and has wings which are...
  3. Head in the clouds

    Flying Car Category Please?

    Hi, I have a particular interest in the development of the flying car. Based on the large amount of discussion of the subject on lots of different threads it would appear that there are many other members with a similar interest. To name just a few, current threads with flying car content are...
  4. Jman

    Parajet - New Flying Car

    From Avweb: Here is a link to the company website.
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