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  1. D

    PuddleJumper 14" Amphibious Floats Front Gear Installation

    Hello, I have a pre mid-1980's Puddlejumper Amphib Floats that have the old design with the front gear cable pull-up not the current telescopic design Puddlejumper has. Apparently when the company was sold, the new owners revamped their design and offer no help with the old design. I need to...
  2. fly_boy_bc

    Pre-cover mods/additions

    I am getting ready to cover my FFP-101 :ban: I am planning to install floats so I want to protect the wood as much as possible. I am just looking for suggestions/input as to what YOU would like to have done before covering but didn't. Things like making sure you have protected the wood properly...
  3. P

    For Sale 170 Amateur Built on Floats

    This is a one of a kind opportunity to acquire a proven STOL performer. Aircraft first licensed in 1982 and flown regularly until recent rebuild. 180 hp Lycoming, /cs prop, 2425 floats. Cessna wings,tail,gear, steel tube fuselage. Full details at www.stoneylake.org Best offer over $35000...
  4. P

    For Sale Rans S-7 Courier for sale

    This is a 2000 model with a Rotax 912 80 hp. A real STOL performer on wheels or floats. Full details at http://www.pipcom.com/~cowcam/S7ignu.htm
  5. J

    Any idea what this airplane is?

    I recently acquired a kit plane (about 60% complete) that will look similar to this when completed, but, the guy I bought it from has no idea what it is (long story), and I am having trouble finding any other info as well. He has misplaced the logs and manual (promises he can find them), so, in...