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  1. Fpira

    Hi Folks & Happy Holidays

    Hi Folks, just joined the community. I look forward to learning from you and sharing my experience. i started flying in the late 70's in Fixed wing but ended up in Choppers for almost 25 years even though I got a CPL fixed wing first. I did spend several years flying Beech Super King Air but I...
  2. Algoa

    Anything bad to say about the Vision EX?

    I am about this close >< to ordering a set of Vision EX plans. It fulfills every one of my mission needs and appears to be the perfect plane for me and my wife. I have been reading and reading, and haven't found much negative press at all, but before I seal the deal, due diligence requires me...
  3. A

    my project

    hello. my name is Alberto. I share with you this idea, do not let me sleep these last days and that as a result achieved in the sketchups materialize. surely I'll be telling my experiences as'm actually doing this my first project. thanks
  4. B

    Thinking of starting and ultralight build and looking for advice.

    I'm thinking of starting a simple ultralight build. I enjoy building projects like this. I have always wanted to fly and hope to get my license sometime. I stumbled across a guy flying an ultralight online and began researching them but I had a few questions so I thought I'd ask them here. Cost...
  5. F

    First build advice.

    Howdy. I'm working on my first plane build right now, and have a couple questions. First off, the material is 4130 tube, but what diameter should be used for the fuselage? Wing? For the engine I'm thinking of the 30hp Briggs unit. I saw the 22 horse version on a similar plane, and the guy said...
  6. J

    Looking To Build & Need Some Insight

    Good evening, I am 25 years old with my private pilots license, and been very seriously wanting to build my own experimental plane. I have been looking at the Pulsar XP and the Polliwagen, as both are good size, and can hold both my fiance and I. We want to use the plane to travel around the...