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  1. C

    Airplane For Sale Sorrell SNS-8 Hiperlight [Project]

    This is a kit build which is 80% complete. Asking $23,500. This Sorrell Hiperlight SNS-8 (Sorrell Negative Stagger) Bi-Plane is a single place biplane which can be completed as an ultralight, light sport, or experimental aircraft. 50hp Rotax 503 engine with dual carbs, dual ignition, and new...
  2. Dun

    Two seat tandem: Asso X Jewel, suggestions?

    Hello, I recently joined HBA and for the last few weeks I am in the process of preparing the workshop, gathering some tools, and researching information to decide on a type which has available plans to start the build. The criteria I have are these: Low wing monplane Two seat tandem Tricycle...
  3. GyroGerald

    Bensen Days Gyroplane Event

  4. 1

    New member from TX, USA

    Hello all, I'm in the Central Texas area, originally from Nebraska and have been a certificated private pilot since 2000. It's been a decade since I've been up and I'm really itching to start flying again. Homebuilt aircraft have been a life-long love affair (many, many models built) and I will...
  5. T

    Has anyone built their own personal flying machine?

    Hi there, I work for a television production company and I am currently doing some research into the exciting world of aviation. I am trying find stories of people who have built their own incredible and unusual flying machines and aircraft (or are still building), and was wondering whether...
  6. K

    Spice Up Your Instrument Panel with These Bezels

    I recently 3D Printed a Bezel I designed and it actually turned out really well. I test fitted it on my EAA Biplane and it looks great. I could use some extra funds for my Biplane project, so why not make it available to anyone who wants one. I'm not exactly sure yet on a price (I'll have to...
  7. S


    ZENITH 701 • $18,950 • FOR SALE • AWC: MAY/2015, 8 total hrs AF & 10 total hrs SMOH by Rotax Rick, Annual Condition Inspection July/2016, Rotax 582, B-Box, IVO prop, elec. start/trim, Microaire M760 Comm and Microaire T2000 X-ponder, Lowrance 1000 GPS - specs and pics on request • Contact Cliff...
  8. T

    SA-7 Stits

    Fully assembled (engine cowling included) SA-7 Stits Skycoupe. Experiential aircraft design. Needs lots of work to make flight worthy. Currently located at South Salt Lake, Utah 84119-2415. No other information available. $6000.00 Call 508.789.697. NO TEXT MESSAGES OR EMAILS WILL NOT BE...
  9. A

    Minimax 1400R for sale-almost complete

    I have a Minimax 1400R for sale. I might also do a partial trade. I'm asking $2500. The landing gear still needs to be built. It needs wing tanks, engine, prop, covering, paint, instruments. Everything else is there. Respond with email or pm. I'm in Central, Illinois. Thanks.
  10. G

    Wing In Ground Effect Craft Design

    I would like to discuss the different aerodynamic designs of wig craft. Any insight or information would be greatly appreciated. To get the conversation started I am interested in a longer range craft powered by twin engines, either Chevrolet motors or aircraft motors. A craft that is similar to...
  11. C


    1993 CHALLENGER II LSA • PRICED FOR FAST SALE • Beautiful 1993 Challenger II, completely rebuilt in 2012 by Greg Klemp of Sheer Technologies. Extremely detailed records/pictures included of rebuild. Rebuild (completed a mere 25 hours ago) included all new fabric, desirable large tail, 70 SMOH...
  12. G

    Experimentals and non-recreational/non-commercial activities

    This question isn't strictly about homebuilts but more broadly about the experimental category and the rules that govern it. I'm an atmospheric scientist, and there is atmospheric research that would be best conducted from an ultralight or at least from a very low-speed, lightweight aircraft...
  13. halfscalemustang

    Fairchild Ranger prop governor

    I'm working on my P51 project and it's powered with a Fairchild ranger 440 in line six. I'm trying to figure out the prop situation, specifically a prop governor. Is there a spot on the engine to drive one? Were these engines ever outfitted with one? If not how does a guy pull off a scale...
  14. V

    A Twin For Me

    I have been a Pilot for 26 years and I am an animator. I have worked int he aerospace industry for the past 15 years creating realistic 3d imagery and animation for large and small companies including Boeing, Parker Aerospace and a few general aviation companies such as Epic and Lancair...
  15. B

    New to the site, not really into planes but I need help/advice with a new project

    My name is Nate Thompson, I'm not really into planes, and I'm not a pilot or engineer. However, I am looking at starting a new project/experiment and I need some help and advice from you guys. I'm into action sports and I want to explore the idea of using aerodynamic aides and lifting body style...
  16. S

    ZENITH CH 701 (Now flying with twice reduced Price..$26, $24, now $22,950)

    ZENITH CH 701 • $22,950 • FOR SALE • Mfg. Completed 2015, AWC received from FAA 5/28/15, First Flight 7/26/15, 0.5 hrs. TTAF, Rotax 582, 2.5 hrs. SMOH, B-Box, IVO prop, elec. start/trim, X-ponder - specifications, history of construction and pics on request • Contact Cliff B. Stripling...
  17. J

    gyrocopter control simplification

    i thought of something, but i dont know how practical it would be. so i figured i would submit it for comment from the community. Gyrocopters' rotor usually have two controls, via the swashplate. pitch and roll. but i was thinking, is roll really all that neccissary, considering how much...
  18. S

    ZENITH CH 701

    ZENITH 701 • $26,950 • FOR SALE • Mfg/2015, 0 AF & 0 SMOH, Rotax 582, B-Box, IVO prop, elec. start/trim, radio/X-ponder - specs and pics • Contact Cliff B. Stripling, Owner - located Marble Falls, TX USA • Telephone: 830 693 2386
  19. GlassVampire

    Anyone recognize this homebuilt twin-rotor helo?

    Someone posted this on a FB page I'm a member of and we are trying to find more info about it. All we have is this pic, though supposedly it was built by someone in Africa (go figure) and has been flown (I"m somewhat dubious on that last feat). The rotors are articulated and both are powered...
  20. E

    EXPparts - Experimental Aircraft Parts

    EXPparts is open for business. We sell replica, experimental Piper Cub parts with inventory in other replicas coming soon. Tell your friends and check back often as inventory is expanded. See us at EXPparts Home Contact Todd at 208-599-2707 Cheers, EXPparts Media Relations