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experimental aircraft

  1. M

    Leaking fuel tank

    Hello there my fellow builders. I picked up a project and one of the issues is that the fiberglass wing tanks have small leaks. I’ve seen numerous products on Aircraft Spruce that you can pour into your tank to seal any pin hole leaks. Has anyone used any of these products? I’d like to avoid...
  2. Max Volume

    German Experimental Aircraft of World War II #3 - Arado pt1

    Just getting started!
  3. 5

    New here

    What's up everyone, just joined the forum the other day, mostly just looking for info on what engines can be put into experimental aircraft, both certified and un-certified and some of the steps that come with possibly having a non-certified engine in the plane. I'm in the process of having a...
  4. cblink.007

    L-V Aeronautics Flying Wing Project Back On!!

    First, on behalf of the L-V group, I wish to sincerely apologize to the forum here. The last 10 months have been extraordinarily trying, requiring us to temporarily shelve the project while we attended to a myriad of personal matters that frankly overwhelmed the whole team! We have received...
  5. michael Hille

    first flight video of a SEAREY aircraft

  6. mikeno

    Rans S-6S

    2005 Rans S6S. E-AB qualifies as LSA - N654PM - Rotax 912ULS 100 hp - Sensenich composite prop - No damage - full logs - 367hrs on airframe & engine - Fresh paint 2015 - Paint, fabric, interior 9 on 10 scale - 7/2018 Condition Inspection - Aft & Aux baggage compartments - GRT Avionics EIS 2000A...
  7. qartveli

    Lizi single seat fiberglass experimental aircraft

    Hi to all members and visitors this is our first aircraft which was designed and built from the scratch paper Tech. Specifications Lenght-4,9m Wing span-7m Wing area-7msq Dry Weight-255kg (should be 180kg) Engine-Hirth F23E (dual ignition with injection)...
  8. Chopndrag

    New to the forum from Florida

    Well the forum is new to me but I'm not new to building aircraft. I have several airplanes and gyrocopters that I have helped build or built . I currently work at Silverlight Aviation in Zephyrhills. I have a idea to build a airplane and figure I would come here for input. I'm looking at taking...
  9. S

    [SOLD] 1955 Stits Playboy SA3B

    Up for sale is my 1955 Stits Playboy. This is the first two-place Playboy that the late Ray Stits built in 55'. Continental O-300A. Delco Remy Generator, Delco Remy Starter, McCauley Prop, New Battery, New Fuel Lines, New Glass, New Plugs, Bendix King KX 125 NAV/COMM, Narco AT 50...
  10. L

    Lancair Experimental Aircraft Survey

    Hi All, I work at Lancair and they are looking to learn as much as they can from Experimental Aircraft Community. They are looking for people to take a few minutes to fill out an online survey, the information will be used to help bring safety and innovation to the Experimental Aircraft...
  11. J

    WheelChair U/L

    I would like to build an Ultralight, I have a generic Wheelchair (10-20lbs) and thought what if i made an ultralight with it? I was thinking along the lines of a Kolb Ultrastar but maybe with two engines and large props. Are there any plans that I might be able to use? Can I do this under...
  12. D

    Bushby Mustang II project 50% all parts needed to finish will trade

    Hi, I have a 50% built Bushby Mustang II. I have all the parts to complete including blueprinted Javelin V6 racing engine, canopy, cowl, instruments, fuel cell, landing gear, seats etc etc The only thing I don't have is the prop and the motor mounts. Please call or email if you are interested I...
  13. J

    Ducted fan aircraft

    In a lot of RC aircraft an electric or gas ducted fan is used as a source of propulsion. Hypothetically could a small aircraft piston motor be used to create a life sized ducted fan style system for a small aircraft? Or would that engine not be capable of high enough rpm/torque levels to create...