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  1. A

    Electrically Powered Aircraft webinar (August 2020)

    This webinar was hosted by AirInsight, a consultancy aimed at the commercial sector so one might say not immediately relevant to homebuilt aircraft. However I must say I was riveted from beginning to end, and I would suggest it is relevant to homebuilt aircraft in that we are waiting for...
  2. A

    Yamaha Creating High Performance Electric Motors For Mainstream Manufacturers

    The following quote from this article sounds promising: 35 kW to 200 kW equates to 47 hp to 268 hp. C'mon you high energy-density batteries!
  3. O

    FES actual thrust for self lunch

    Hi We see many glider with the FES ( front electric sustainer) The low weight one, like the Silent and Lak can take off with the fes system over their 20kw/22kw engine. But what is the actual thrust that this give ? The 1meter prop is quite small. Anyone have data of a glider running the FEs...
  4. A

    Model Plane Maker PeterSripol Builds Functioning Electric Airplane In His Garage...

    Model Plane Maker PeterSripol Builds Functioning Electric Airplane In His Garage, Takes It For Test Flight! https://amp.indiatimes.com/lifestyle/self/model-plane-maker-petersripol-builds-functioning-electric-airplane-in-his-garage-takes-it-for-test-flight-333711.html
  5. A

    Electric motor propulsion

    Hi, I was surprised to see that a search for "electric motor" on HBA produces less than one page of results. It's a topic that I've been thinking about for a while, which usually means that someone smarter and with more money has though about it before me... and done something about it. There's...
  6. rv6ejguy

    Electric Time to Climb Record

    Pretty cool: http://arstechnica.co.uk/cars/2016/12/extra-330-electric-airplane-record/
  7. rv6ejguy

    Electric Racer

    Cool project coming along in the UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe1g1JrRRkY
  8. P

    Hello! I'm new to HBA!

    Hello! Ever since I was 3 years old, I loved airplanes. I always loved looking up at the sky and watching as airplanes flew by (Yes I am aware of that rhyme;)). In fact, I loved airplanes so much that I was basically the "Plane Guy" of my school. One day we had to choose a topic for a class...
  9. E

    Hybrid light aircraft - Why no one did try that?

    (i got a low level of english) I remember when i was young i totally set in pieces and grand father style clock. wich was using pandulum and weight to use use gravity has a motion. Then i oppened an grand mother style clock. wich has a spring to turn + pandulum to get the motion. The things...
  10. W

    Large Drone

    Hello, I'm new to this website and also to homemade airplane building. My plan is to build a large drone based on the MQ-1 Predator/MQ-9 Reaper. I am going to make it seven feet long and I decided to make it electric and was thinking about three powerful golf cart motors. One in the back and...
  11. SpainCub

    STOL/VTOL Or close to VTOL design.

    Wow, I had been keeping an eye on this project for a while now, since I am involved in one very similar for a competing platform... for my personal use :giggle If we can only get batteries for a density of say 6000W-h/kg we could soon be flying in things like these... (soon?) Here is...
  12. C

    rpm random drop

    I am having some rpm dropping randomly and only for a few seconds. Fuel pressure is not going down when happening. I have changed and revised all the fuel lines and distribution in according with rotax. When happening I am switching off every electric devices and the ignitions to identify the...
  13. D

    Ideas for an amphibious electric self-launch hang glider/ultralight

    Here are my initial ideas for an amphibious electric self-launch hang glider/ultralight: Use an ultralight trike wing or hang glider wing with strut bracing, and mount an electric motor and folding pusher prop to each strut. The concept would be similar to this: Wasp Wing twin engine...
  14. danmoser

    Minimum Drag Nose Cowling for Electric Planes

    Trying to minimize the drag from the cowling on a tractor propeller plane is highly dependent upon engine cooling requirements. However, cooling requirements are greatly reduced for electric propulsion, allowing potential drag reduction by resculpting the nose cowling. Modern pusher propeller...
  15. SpainCub

    Electric VTOL?

    Looks like someone is "claiming" to be building a functional prototype... Sorry, the image applet did not allow to retrieve it locally.... Here is the full scoop. Invention Awards 2014: A Personal Electric Airplane That Won't Need A Runway | Popular Science
  16. R

    Load Case Questions for LSA Electric Powered Canard

    Long time, hardcore lurker here. Finally have the confidence and time put into a design to share and try and get some feedback. This is a long one, please bear with me, want to share where this project came from and where we are attempting to go with it. Quick intro: Currently Mechanical...
  17. Q

    Foam Ultralight

    Howdy folks, since I was a little boy I have always dreamed of flying and a couple days ago I was watching an episode of a show called Flitetest or guess I should say rewatching as it was a rather a old episode and I ran across an episode were they made a cinder block "fly" here is the link...
  18. StarJar

    Need help with new roadable design.

    Hi, I'm planning on building a roadable airplane in the future. I want to use some ideas from Rutan's Bipod, and make a homebuilt one. The difference in mine is that it will have three wheels and be registered as a motorcycle. I'm going to use one big motor instead of 4 small ones. I'm going...
  19. E

    Finally: Cold Fusion Today! Cheap Energy 4 All!

    Italian scientists demonstrated a working prototype of a small "Nickel-Hydrogen" fusion reactor which produces 12.4kw (of heat) from 400w input, a gain of 31. It is stable, no radiation out of its shield and no nuclear waste! 10kw devices are going to market this year! If this is 100% real...