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  1. Christian Moreton

    FPV Freak Buys Lazair for electric conversion.

    Hi. I've been an aviation freak all my 44 years, live in Toronto. Digital artist, filmmaker etc. So due to Covid related boredom, I randomly bought this Lazair with the eventual goal of converting her to electric, set up light weight for turf takeoff and land with decent time aloft. These planes...
  2. Woodenwings

    Light Touring Amphibian - LTA-9

    I have been thrashing away for over 10yrs (on-and-off) on my own design. It uses the LSA amphibian specifications as a guide but will be made as an amateur-built (experimental) to allow me more artistic licence. Aircraft Mission: Just for me....not a commercial venture...unless someone buys...
  3. C

    Any official update on the "Batteries as Fuel" Issue lately?

    I have seen interviews where someone quotes a friend or contact who is "in the know", or is an official in the FAA or EAA, and say that it is 'DEFINITELY HAPPENING' soon. It will allow the equivalent weight of fuel as batteries, or the equivalent power of the fuel as batteries. I have also...