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  1. cblink.007

    Strengthening & Saving EAA Chapters and Investing in the Future: Making the Case

    @Dana @BJC @Direct C51 @CRG @Victor Bravo @wsimpso1 Okay folks, a couple remarks and some ground rules before I get into my opening statement… I am sure there are plenty of related threads to this topic, and I apologize accordingly, but I elected to start a new one, because I think...
  2. K

    For Sale EAA Biplane Stainless Steel Wing Struts

    I have these left over from a deal awhile back and they were hiding and are now getting in the way of my workshop space. They look to be in really good condition and the shine is still mirror like. I have some more pictures I will upload. Not sure on an asking price (had one guy who was gonna...
  3. R

    For Sale HiMax Light Sport, N#, Rotax 277

    For Sale, HiMax, Light Sport, N2494R, 40Hrs total time airframe and engine, Rotax 277. This HiMax was built by EAA Chapter 132, bought by an EAA member, donated to EAA Chapter 865 and completely refurbished by experienced members of 865. A weight and balance has been done. We are selling this...
  4. Harley


    Hey Guys, Are you going to be attending the 2011 EAA? If so please let me know I will be going for my second time and I would love to check out your aircraft! Please post pics of the aircraft you will be showing off so that I keep my eyes out for them at the event! Thanks, and see you...