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  1. Hot Wings

    Wainfan Facetmobile inspired drone delivery

    This came across my e-mail a few minutes ago: https://spectrum.ieee.org/automaton/robotics/drones/therecraft-drone-acrobatically-delivers-packages
  2. T

    Has anyone built their own personal flying machine?

    Hi there, I work for a television production company and I am currently doing some research into the exciting world of aviation. I am trying find stories of people who have built their own incredible and unusual flying machines and aircraft (or are still building), and was wondering whether...
  3. W

    Large Drone

    Hello, I'm new to this website and also to homemade airplane building. My plan is to build a large drone based on the MQ-1 Predator/MQ-9 Reaper. I am going to make it seven feet long and I decided to make it electric and was thinking about three powerful golf cart motors. One in the back and...
  4. C

    McCulloch 72hp (Mac 72)

    Hello everyone. I'm hoping some of you can help me out with a few things. I picked this engine up yesterday for $500. It looked like a great project and a way to get me into the home built world. I know it's a McCulloch 72hp drone engine. My research on it has come back as being hated and loved...