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  1. D

    Move along - nothing to see here

    Bye There is an important omission in the calculations for the "Constraint Analysis". Put there on purpose to see what would happen. All of the calculations are simple "hand, closed-form" calculations any high school algebra student should easily follow. Since no one commented on any of them, I...
  2. T

    Has anyone built their own personal flying machine?

    Hi there, I work for a television production company and I am currently doing some research into the exciting world of aviation. I am trying find stories of people who have built their own incredible and unusual flying machines and aircraft (or are still building), and was wondering whether...
  3. proppastie

    FEA Rivet Stress

    It is my belief that soon affordable FEA tools will be in the hands of us novice designers through the use of student licenses and at some point reasonable priced copies. Perhaps those of you that use the 40K seats of ANSI or whatever might a have quick answer to a basic question. I am trying...
  4. proppastie

    Wilford EAA Sport Aviation Articles for Spreadsheets

    Are there EAA Sport Aviation Articles that flesh out or clarify the EAA spreadsheets by Wilford? I could not find them here. If they add something it would be nice to have them.
  5. G

    Free Downloadable Reference Book "The Glider" with Link

    You may wish to add this book to your reference library. The book "The Glider" is quite extensive in details need to properly design and construct a glider or motor glider. Since the book is a free download you'll need this link: My apologies for the...
  6. G

    The Design of Aeroplanes (Free Download via Google Book)

    Although this site has several engineers this book many assist you finding calculations for aircraft, or at the very least frame an intelligent question for them to answer. Here's the link; The Design of Aeroplanes - Arthur William Judge - Google Books If you are not familiar with Google books...