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  1. proppastie

    Abbott Aerospace Inc. Spreadsheets

    lots of interesting stuff. Hope they do not remove it. Spreadsheets | Abbott Aerospace Inc.
  2. F

    Clark Y and Glider Questions

    Hello All, My name is Cody H. and this is my first post. I am currently a senior in HighSchool and for my senior project I am designing a primary glider. I am building a 1/8 scale model and hope to build a full size glider in the next few years. I need this glider to be able to lift 300 lbs...
  3. G

    Small survey to aid in aircraft design

    For the Bachelors thesis of the Aerospace Engineering study at Delft University of Technology, we, a group of ten third-year students, are assigned to design a small aerobatics aircraft. This aircraft should be optimized to fly in the Red Bull Air Race, beating all current models used in the...
  4. proppastie

    Free Bird Spike Information

    Free Bird Spike Information at PropPastie
  5. proppastie


    While working and researching for my quest/paper airplane I found this. Lots of stuff. http://www.vmihosting.com/MWS/Documents/USNTPS_FTM_108.pdf
  6. A

    Wing Design with a high L/D

    Hello everyone, I am trying to design a wing using NACA 6409 as my airfoil. I have calculated all the values for the 2d section. I just have to now to make a wing with a high L/D. My target is to design a wing for an aircraft moving at 20m/s at an altitude of 10,000m. So I have a couple of...
  7. W

    Composite Aircraft Design and CAD

    Ok, this is my first post so here I go! I am currently in the process of designing my own aircraft. Here is a link to see it in its conceptual state, I'll add a video tomorrow maybe. Airplane - Imgur I modeled this on 3DS Max and is actually my first model using that program (I usually use...
  8. proppastie

    Boeing reports wing cracks on Dreamliners

    Everybody makes mistakes. I am not familiar, does the Dreamliner have metal spars, or is this really a de-lamination or other composite flaw. I did not think composites would have hair line cracks.
  9. ebonheart_2

    Military Design Standards

    Hi everyone! Feel like I've looked everywhere and just haven't been able to find any of these... Is there a publication of any sort stating US military general requirements relating to aircraft design?? Found AMCOM site which seems close but there weren't any hard numbers where i was. Just...
  10. F

    New Twin Aircraft Design

    Hey Guys, I wanted to get your opinions on a new safer twin aircraft design that me and my Professor have created and tested. It should eliminate all of the Vmc issues encountered in the "classic" layout of a twin engine aircraft. What do you guys think? Think this is something you would...
  11. proppastie

    Carbon Graphite AV8-B Harrier Spar

    Now I are an Enganeer but before that I was a Tool Designer, and had the pleasure of working at McDonnell Douglas on the tooling for the prototype AV8-B. At the time this aircraft was the largest Graphite Epoxy assembly ever made. I thought the site might like to see how the spars were...
  12. proppastie


    Aircraft Structural Design Manual Vol 1 - McDonnell-Douglas (1982) WW The price can not be beat (free on line). I mounted this thread in case there are detail questions about the content. You can also try a Google search and probably will be able to download it for free.
  13. G

    Too Many Links To List

    1st Happy Holidays to Everyone. First take a look at this, then select which one your are: Now the results of my mining links: Public Domain Aeronautical Software (PDAS) Sources of Aeronautical Software Airfoil Wing Design Program Software Free - Web - PEMonitorHosted XFLR5 Fixed Wing...
  14. G

    Aircraft Design: Synthesis and Analysis online course

    This isn't a book per say more of an online course. It does explain AC design at a college level for first time students so you won't be overwhelmed. Several sections you may want to pass and get to areas of interest. AA241
  15. CThurstonPA

    Airfoil advice for unmanned aircraft?

    Hey there! First forum post, happy to be here! I participate in a an aerospace design competition in high school, and this year's challenge is to design a UAS for agriculture. The competition is based entirely on design (CAD etc), so we won't be physically building anything :( Anyways, I was...
  16. P

    Foam Ultralight?- New Design

    Hi forum, I have been researching building aircraft for a long time and want an ultralight (can't solo- not old enough) but none of these airplanes are as strong as I would like or are too much. I have been also researching the design of my own and came up with a plan for a sporty looking, low...
  17. mo10

    Hello from Mass

    Hi Everyone, I just stumbled upon HBA a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised by the breadth and depth of the topics and answers. It will take me some time to explore what is here, but so far it looks like a good match for my interests. I am an aerospace engineer by education, but I've...
  18. Heroben


    Hello all of you out there! This is the design and build log of one of the most desired fictional airplanes in the world. We will start with a quick approach on the historic side of this bird, moving thru the related planes.( real ones like C.A.M.S 36, Savoia Marchetti S.21, Macchi M33 and...
  19. Head in the clouds


    Hello all – This is a design exercise that has come about because of all the wonderful research and discussion that has taken place on the ‘A Challenge to you all’ thread. I have started a new thread for my own design exercise of an ‘improved’ ultralight to fit the US’s Pt 103 regulations...
  20. Head in the clouds

    Hi from Australia - new member who loves Deltas and folding wings...

    Hi All, Having a look here at some of the posts and I am so impressed and humbled by the wealth of wisdom which is so evident. I've loved all things aviation since childhood and pursued as many of them as possible starting from a few parachute jumps to hanggliding then designed and built a...