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  1. mike12345

    Hovey Delta Bird Plans, does anyone have or know where to get?

    Hovey Delta Bird Plans, does anyone have or know where to get?
  2. Thomas Marks

    Can thrust vectoring enable use of flaps on pure delta wing?

    I'm considering tractor propeller driven flying wing with vertical stabilizer only. This is an open question seeking feasible approach. Possible options: hidable EDF at the front tilted prop rotor collective pitch thrust vectoring (swashplate driven) retractable canard fins to divert the...
  3. S

    Aft delta tandems and the people who love them

    So, my latest batch of ideas involve exploring the possible advantages of tandems where the aft wing is a delta. Seaplane Cargo/passenger plane General fun flyer Utility cargo/passenger/bush plane Small fun flyer Will the directional stability imparted by the delta be enough to not...
  4. K

    My next big project since used JT15D's are starting to look "reasonably" priced.

    Hello friends, I've been a lurker on here for sometime and I usually don't say much, just a little background on me, I'm a proud Glassair II owner/operator and an Air Traffic Controller by trade, with a degree in Professional Aeronautics <--(Doesn't actually help me) I've spent the last...
  5. Head in the clouds

    Hi from Australia - new member who loves Deltas and folding wings...

    Hi All, Having a look here at some of the posts and I am so impressed and humbled by the wealth of wisdom which is so evident. I've loved all things aviation since childhood and pursued as many of them as possible starting from a few parachute jumps to hanggliding then designed and built a...