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  1. Thatcher CX4 Wing Folded--closeup

    Thatcher CX4 Wing Folded--closeup

    Closeup view of CX4 wing fold fixture in folded mode
  2. Thatcher CX4 Wing Fold Ficture Montage

    Thatcher CX4 Wing Fold Ficture Montage

    Wing fold bracket and use, 6 images in one graphic
  3. Screenshot_2019-05-26 Yahoo Groups

    Screenshot_2019-05-26 Yahoo Groups

    Thatcher CX4 wing fold bracket closeup
  4. wwalton

    Sonerai Plans

    Looking for plans for Monnett's Sonerai, thought I would ask here first. Great Plains has them and the price is great, it's just that I have a bit of a collection of plans and when I mentioned more to my boss I got the eye roll and head shake. Like many I keep changing my mind on what to...