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    Ding Shilu's Unbelieveably Cheap (and Terrifying!) Airplanes.

    I was looking around at Home built Airplane and Ultralight News, and I found out about Ding Shuli, a Chinese automobile mechanic that made 2-3 airplanes for incredibly cheap prices. I know another forum post was made on this subject, but I want to explore how he was able to construct his super...
  2. P

    What is this budget Ultralight? Are there any catches/ design problems present?

    Hello, HBA, I found a picture of this ultralight, and I want to know it's name for further research, but I also want to know about any design problems, like how the fuselage bar on the top looks pretty thin, but is there anything else about it? Feel free to give your two cents about it!
  3. C

    Wanting to build the cheapest off the shelf safest aircraft: Rigging

    Could anyone give me links to pictures and/or diagrams of very basic aircraft rigging. Just enough to get the job done and be able to maneuver in the air. Thank you for any help you can give me. P.S., there should be a seperate category on the subject of rigging. How do I make a new category on...
  4. N

    Is it possible?

    I'm looking for something fun to do and I thought building an ultralight under $500 was a good challenge and would be fun so I need to know would it even be remotely possible to build something flyable out of some scooter wheels, plastic sheeting, duct tape, bamboo, and pvc pipe that could carry...
  5. J

    WheelChair U/L

    I would like to build an Ultralight, I have a generic Wheelchair (10-20lbs) and thought what if i made an ultralight with it? I was thinking along the lines of a Kolb Ultrastar but maybe with two engines and large props. Are there any plans that I might be able to use? Can I do this under...
  6. Hot Wings

    Cheap air racing class to promote aviation?

    Note to moderators - If this is a duplicate please delete the first. Forked off from another thread: Cost increases to be competitive seems to be a trend with all racing. I'd like this thread to explore options to develop a truly inexpensive form of airplane competition that is not only...
  7. J

    An Affordable 4 Seat Homebuilt Aircraft in 5 Weeks for Under $100K

    I have been working my way through the massive threads "Affordability of Aircraft" and "Cheap Aircraft are Simply Impossible", and I saw this quote and it got me thinking: Posted by gordonaut: "The fact still remains that there are many thousands of active pilots who would like to buy a brand...
  8. Q

    Foam Ultralight

    Howdy folks, since I was a little boy I have always dreamed of flying and a couple days ago I was watching an episode of a show called Flitetest or guess I should say rewatching as it was a rather a old episode and I ran across an episode were they made a cinder block "fly" here is the link...
  9. R

    burning holes in the sky

    With rising fuel prices, no one wants to use a 172 to go burning holes in the sky. What (homebuilt) planes would be great for that purpose. Only requirements are 2 seats and really low fuel consumption