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  1. b7gwap

    Ok to build Engine before fuselage?

    Guys/gals; Finishing up my CH750 Stol empennage, preparing workshop for wing components next, but should I be in the market for good cores for my eventual O-320 build all the while? Maybe even have that build project going along the side of the rest? Or will that delay the project, and force me...
  2. P

    K.O.H.L.E.R COMMAND VTWIN CH750 based engine

    I am investigating using the Command Vtwin 25 hp block to build a stroker direct drive 3200 rpm max and around 35 hp. Looking into what the tractor pullers are doing with performance parts is informative but not really close to what low rpm mission for this engine. One vender is offering...
  3. R

    Motor Mount for Zenith CH750 Stol 2nd Ed Corvair Engine

    Motor Mount for Corvair Engine Came off Zenith 750 2nd Edition. Excellent Condition, Never Flown, TIG Welded, Painted Battleship Grey, $485 OBO + Shipping. Call Rick @ 772-283-4834
  4. T

    How about a Mini Max but with a Highlander Landing Gear?

    I'm pondering... The mini max 1100R Mini-Max - Team Mini-Max, the worlds best ultralight and light plane kits and plans. Is nice and looks quick to build. But I love the landing gear on the Highlander superSTOL, that allows for those smack-it-down landings with ridiculously steep approach...
  5. Taiser

    Zenith CH750 build...

    HI! I've had some interest in my build on other forums. I figure if I put the details on here I can point people to this thread and generate some new traffic ;) and I figure it's a good place to keep a good track record of my build. Made some mistakes (minor) along the way and maybe this will...