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  1. rjgritter

    PS-5C Pressure Carb and matching Lycoming 40595 fuel pump

    Bendix PS-5C pressure carb and matching (mid-pressure) Lycoming 40595 fuel pump. Has the desirable red seals. These were in great working condition when removed from the O-360 on our S-1C for conversion to fuel injection. This setup allows fully inverted operation without fuel injection - great...
  2. B

    Rebuild Keihin Carburetor - Information

    I am recording some of my findings here in my building and learning process. Please feel free to add information, and hopefully this would be helpful for people who are looking to find such information down the road. I have a couple of Keihin carburetor with the project I recently bought. It...
  3. freerangequark


    MA-4SPA PRECISION AIRMOTIVE Carburetor (formerly Facet Aerospace Products (formerly Marvel-Schebler)) • $375 • FOR SALE • For Lyc O-320 891TT when removed, ADs complied with including 1 pc Venturi & Metal Float.
  4. wingandprop

    Really, REALLY, basic engine queries

    Hello everybody, I know from reading this forum that some folks get a bit testy when they see others making technically inaccurate statements about engine or accessory design, installation, or function. That will not be a problem with this post. I say that because I am equipped with a nearly...
  5. P

    Trouble Starting a Hirth F-23

    Hey Guys, We're just finishing up an SD-1 Minisport, trying to run in our engine before we start flight testing. We're having some trouble getting our engine started though. Here is our engine, a 2 stroke Hirth F-23: We've had trouble from the start, but we were able to get it started...
  6. dylanjustice

    Marvel Schebler service bulletin

    I'm trying to find service bulletin A5-63 for a Marvel-Schebler MA-4-5 carburetor. It seems to regard using wire-locked screws to replace the long-loc screws holding the bowl on. Does anyone happen to have a PDF of it kicking around?