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  1. V

    Easy CAD software for modest requirements: Fusion 360? Other?

    I'm trying (again) to move into the 21st century and learn a CAD program. Objectives: 1) Turn an aircraft idea, with dimensions, into an external 2D sketch and eventually a 3D rendering. 2) Lay out an internal 4130 tube-frame or aluminum bulkhead-and-longeron fuselage structure for the...
  2. Aerospace_Engineer

    Engineering Assistance. Free Aircraft CAD Models to download

    New free site to assist aircraft designers! Engineering Assistance. Aircraft Designing. Hundreds solid CAD models. No registration, No fees, Download now! Airplanes. Helicopters. Power Units. Landing Gear, Absorbers Oleo-Gas. Control System, Rod Ends. Aerospace Fasteners. Aerospace...
  3. S

    How to get the most out of waterjet cutting from Big Blue Saw

    Based on my last post here, it looks like there's a hunger for information about exactly what Big Blue Saw can do for you and what it will cost. Cost: You can get an immediate quote on our website. No waiting: just upload your design, pick a material, and add the parts to your shopping cart...
  4. W

    Composite Aircraft Design and CAD

    Ok, this is my first post so here I go! I am currently in the process of designing my own aircraft. Here is a link to see it in its conceptual state, I'll add a video tomorrow maybe. Airplane - Imgur I modeled this on 3DS Max and is actually my first model using that program (I usually use...
  5. Armilite

    Other Sled Engines used on Airplanes???

    Does anyone use any, Yamaha, Polaris, Arctic Cat, engines on there airplane? Who makes the Adapter plates for there gear reduction drives? Got some photo's? Rich Gillen